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Recent content by Ultimate Cuber

  1. Ultimate Cuber

    Unofficial Cubing Competition In Georgia, USA

    I am not really sure but most likely not. As it turns out an unofficial competition isn't really worth the trouble and I don't really have the experience to organize an official one. I'm a little disappointed about it but I guess that's how things go.
  2. Ultimate Cuber

    [Help Thread] ZBLL discussion

    Who here knows full ZBLL? Does anyone here know full ZBLL? If not how much do you know?
  3. Ultimate Cuber

    What's the fastest method for 3x3?

    It sounds like you just need practice. I had a sub 20 average after only 3 months of practice with Fridrich so it isn't that hard.
  4. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] 25.49 4x4 Single

    Wow nice solve!
  5. Ultimate Cuber

    Belief in evolution?

    Once you completely understand evolution and have seen all the evidence for it, I don't really see why you wouldn't believe it.
  6. Ultimate Cuber

    Speedcubers on Skype

    Just added you and Alex Cube. Looking forward to skyping everyone.
  7. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] (1:16.72) New 4x4 PB - Ultimate Cuber

    Wow thanks a lot! Yeah the edge pairing method I was using is a sloppy version of 6 cycle edge pairing (I think that's what it's called). 3-2-3 looks a lot more simple and easy. I think I'll start using it from now on. I guess it's a good thing I'm still fairly new to 4x4 because it won't be...
  8. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] (1:16.72) New 4x4 PB - Ultimate Cuber

    You're probably right. I generally try to scramble my cubes in the same sort of style that computer generated scrambles do instead of having a pattern (like crazybadcubers 3x3 scrambles) though. I try to include random moves from all over the place with no particular pattern so that it basically...
  9. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] (1:16.72) New 4x4 PB - Ultimate Cuber

    I hand scrambled it lol. I don't usually use computer scrambles at home since they take way too long. :)
  10. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] (1:16.72) New 4x4 PB - Ultimate Cuber

    http://youtu.be/INos5ja5cDk Until now I haven't really practiced much on the 4x4 so I'm still pretty slow. What's your 4x4 average?
  11. Ultimate Cuber

    Unofficial Cubing Competition In Georgia, USA

    Yeah I've spoken with a few. Finding a delegate has been one of the easiest parts. Finding a venue and good day to have the comp has been the hard part. Thank you. If it becomes official I'll be announcing it here. I may PM you as well.
  12. Ultimate Cuber

    New notation for slice moves?

    Sorry that was a typo. I meant to say "Would you say M two, U, M two, U, M, U two, M two, U two, M, U two, M two" if verbally saying the Z permutation?
  13. Ultimate Cuber

    Need help break 19-20 second barrier [3x3]

    Your first priority should definitely be to learn full PLL. Learn 1-2 algs a day and you'll have it learned in a week or two. After you finish that I'd suggest continuing to learn full OLL. The OLLs are easier to learn than the PLLs and you should know then all within a month or so if you really...
  14. Ultimate Cuber

    New notation for slice moves?

    Would you do the same thing with the z perm, or only say "M" when it is NOT a 180 degree move?
  15. Ultimate Cuber

    New notation for slice moves?

    I've got a question for everyone here. When verbally speaking an algorithm (e.g. H perm) do you say "M" or "M Prime"? "M two prime, U, M two prime, U two, M two prime, U, M two prime." or "M two, U, M two, U two, M two, U, M two."