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Recent content by tx789

  1. tx789

    10th Anniversary Oceania 2019 (Wellington, New Zealand 28-30th June)

    https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/competitions/Oceania10thAnniversary2019 It has just been announced. Registration opens soon. This comps marks the 10th anniversary of New Zealand Championships 2009 the very first comp in Oceania. It is 2 weeks before worlds.
  2. tx789

    Thoughts about the BH method

    Yeah there have been a lot of developments over the last 10 years, But 3 style mostly set ups to 8 movers rather than solving move optimally. Do that 10 years ago might of looked different but could be done. Hardware changes are a significant factor. 3 style is fine for big cubes now. f slice...
  3. tx789

    Thoughts about the BH method

    Speed optimal comm are used today. [R F' R' U':[R D R',U2]] is an example of a 4 move set up and [U R' F R,D' R D R'] is a strange comm I don't understand. You can find list of these speed optimal comms in spreadsheets bestsiteever.ru has a list of links to them. Those are from Daniel Lin's...
  4. tx789

    Full PLL for Megaminx!

    Like 12 know PLL probably more. Juan Pablo Huanqui knows full OLL minus the dots.
  5. tx789

    Speedcubers in Wellington

    Search for them(groups). There is a Wellington group, Auckland and Christchurch, and Hamilton too I think.
  6. tx789

    Speedcubers in Wellington

    There is a NZ cubers group chat and some local groups. Auckland will end up having more comps than other places since there are a lot of people living there. I would not say that comps were centralised around Auckland. Last year there was one in Auckland, Hamilton and Palmerston North and...
  7. tx789

    Is ZBLL worth it?

    I don't tend to learn as many algs these days. I find I learn them much more quickly than 5 years ago. Retaining them is the hard part however repetition over a long enough period is needed.
  8. tx789

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Yes a lot of cubes have been released. But only a few are relevant now. Weilong GTS2M is a good choice. There is alo the Valk, Gans Air SM. There are cheaper options too.
  9. tx789

    Are there lists of letter pairs in languages other than English?

    Personally I would recommend using your native language since it will be easier for you(and more personal). Choosing your own words is better. Being able to speak multiple languages gives more options. So you could use German and English. I only speak English so a find it hard to think another...
  10. tx789

    What are scrambles for?

    Hand scrambling for sq1 is a real pain. It is just easier. Following a scramble for 7x7 is a pain though. You definitely tend to do the same moves for hand scrambling. Meaning you tend to go there a similar set of scrambles.
  11. tx789

    What is world class?

    When you reach a certain fast speed. Like sub 8 on 3x3, sub 50 on Megaminx, sub 30 on 4x4, sub 1 on 5x5. So the definition I find people have are too tight. Having a chance to make finals in a event assuming everyone shows up is better. Not just podium.
  12. tx789

    Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Championships

    Haiyan Zhuang founded that after he was banned and I think it was seen as a bit of a joke. No one took it too seriously. I don't think was heard of it at all. A little in 2010. China has always seemed distant. You don't see many Chinese Cubers on forums and facebook groups.
  13. tx789

    Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Championships

    Having the manufacturer of the equipment running comps is a conflict of interest. Also these comps for the redbull world championship is likely to have a lot of issues it will be like comps in and around 2004. Their lack of experience may be what kills it for them. People did not know how to run...
  14. tx789

    Thoughts on Rubik’s recently?

    Big companies like making money without caring much about ethics. They will appear to care for PR reasons. I still think there is a chance of this failing but it is too early to tell.