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Recent content by Tommy Kiprillis

  1. Tommy Kiprillis

    The FMC thread

    yeah that makes the most sense. Also, you should say 'Yes you are true', not 'yes you have true' :D
  2. Tommy Kiprillis

    The FMC thread

    but those pairs are already made before you do R2 F' R :shrug:
  3. Tommy Kiprillis

    The FMC thread

    Why do you do R2 F' R? It literally doesn't make any pairs
  4. Tommy Kiprillis

    The FMC thread

    Cologne Open 2018, Scramble 2 -- Best result on this at the comp was 28 (?) R' U' F R2 B D2 U2 B D2 L2 B2 R2 F' D' L' F R' B2 L R2 F D R' U' F 24 B' // 2 pairs [1/1] F' D' // sq + 3 pairs [2/3] (B2 R) // sq + 123 [2/5] (F D2 F2) // 222 + 123 [3/8] B' U' (U) // F2L-1 [3/11] (L' B' L' B) // F2L...
  5. Tommy Kiprillis

    The FMC thread

    At the top of my sheet for fmc I always label the amount of bad edges (for EO) on each axis.
  6. Tommy Kiprillis

    Top 40 Sum of Ranks Average in the World.

    Top 40 Sum of Ranks Average in the World.
  7. Tommy Kiprillis

    The FMC thread

    19 PB Single! Very lucky insertions. R' U' F D2 B2 D' L2 B2 L2 R2 U F2 U2 B R U F' D2 L' D2 L2 B2 U' R' U' F 6, 4, 8 U' B D' R' // EO + 2 pairs [4/4] U F // sq [2/6] R2 // sq [1/7] (B') // another sq [1/8] F' D2 F' R2 // 223 + sq [4/12] U // 3e4c [1/13] Skeleton: U' B D' R' U F R2 ^ F' D2...
  8. Tommy Kiprillis

    Square-1 Getting to Sub-x *NEW*

    Road to globally averaging sub 11: 1. 10.89 2. 11.85 3. 11.76 4. (9.54) 5. 10.77 6. 10.10 7. (12.50) 8. 11.44 9. 10.54 10. 11.78 11. 12.11 12. 10.29 Average of 12: 11.15
  9. Tommy Kiprillis

    10.37 Square-1 Average of 12 (w/ 9.63 Average of 5)

    This is pretty good for me, PB Average of 12 is 9.98.
  10. Tommy Kiprillis

    Brisbane Winter 2017 Highlights - Ft. Pyra OcR reaction and solve

    This video is amazing!!111!! Very good job, I liked the part of the video where you were at the competition, you are meh favrit youtber!!1!1! Seriously though, good job on the video.