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Recent content by TJardigradHe

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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    Pretty recently dropped it to a 4.70, first sub 5! Scramble (cstimer)- U2 L2 F' R2 B' D2 L2 R2 B R2 D' L B F L' F2 L D' L Reconstruction- z2 y // inspection L2 D' R' D' y2 U R' F R // x-cross U2 R U' R' U y' L' U L // f2l 2 y R' U' R // f2l 3 U2 R U R' U R' F R F' // f2l 4 + OLL skip U' R U R'...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Today at No Place for DNF I got some crazy pbs. For skewb, I got an overall pb single of 1.79 and a 3.65 pb average (btw I average mid 4s at home). For pyraminx, I got a 1.50 pb single but bad averages. For 4x4 I got a sub 35 average, which is something I didn't expect so soon. I also podiumed...
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    Favourite WCA events list

    14. FMC- I just started learning some methods and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy this as I keep practicing it. 13. 7x7- Monotonous 12. Square-1- I just don't care much and I don't want to learn algs for it 11. 2x2- Too quick and I'm too lazy to learn algs. I'm sure this will change soon...
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    What’s your favourite event?

    I have actually tried both once, then I realized it was super dumb and just wasted a lot of time (especially mega)
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    What’s your favourite event?

    My best events are pyraminx and feet, but I am getting into megaminx a lot and it is the event I am practicing the most these days.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    First sub two official pyraminx single! 1.94! Unfortunately I plus twoe'd out of a sub 3 average again :-(
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Today I got 4 sub 2 minute singles on 6x6. My new pb is 1:55.70, and I'm shocked. I average mid 2:20s and I'm gonna start practicing 6x6 more now.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    At Long Island Winter 2019,I plus two'd twice out of an official 2.84 pyraminx average, and my 3.07 still stands. Although I'm really disappointed, I'm going to try to do the tips more carefully in my future official pyraminx solves. I podiumed, so I'm a little happier. I hope that I will...
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    Race to sub-X on Pyraminx

    Round 95 Sub 2.8 l4e Huanglong ao12- 2.89 1. 3.56 2. 2.79 3. 2.34 4. 3.39 5. 2.58 6. (2.07) 7. 3.02 8. 2.89 9. 3.36 10. 2.28 11. (4.02) 12. 2.69
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    Race To Sub X 3x3 W/ Feet

    Round 39a Race to sub; 35 Average: 34.50 33.38, 37.94, 33.00, 38.14, 34.27, (28.47), 30.31, (39.29), 30.24, 37.10, 33.06, 37.51
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    Accomplishment Thread

    At my first competition for feet (Princeton winter 2019), I got a 36.40 average and a 31.49 single and podiumed. The average is 42th in the world and the single is 57th in the world as of 2/9/19. At the same comp, I got my first official sub 10 average for 3x3.
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    New pyraminx pb single 0.72. 7 moves, absolutely ridiculous. Generated By csTimer on 2019-02-02 single: 0.72 Time List: 1. 0.72 U' L' R U L' U' L' R' b' u' I don't think I need to explain the solution for this.
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    Solve of the Day! 3x3, 2x2, Skewb, and Pyraminx

    3x3- 9.83 2x2- 4.56 (bad) 4x4- 34.04 5x5- 1:05.57 (good, pll skip) OH- 21.87 (bad) Skewb- 4.17 Pyraminx- 1.74 SQ1- 20.53 (idc) Clock- 16.11 Megaminx- 1:21.69
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    Aosu GTS 2 M or Supernova WuQue M or Cubicle WuQue M

    I do like the aochuang GTS M, and the aoshi GTS M. But I haven't tried the aofu GTS, I currently use the Hays 7 m and I'm fine with it. I actually don't like the weilong GTS 3M, I use the GAN 354 M. Also, just because I like some moyu cubes doesn't mean I like moyu cubes in general over qiyi or...
  15. T

    Aosu GTS 2 M or Supernova WuQue M or Cubicle WuQue M

    That is also a factor, but for me, the size of the cube doesn't really affect my performance (unless it's irrationally small or large like a mini mofang jiaoshi cube or a giant heshu cube). I just personally prefer the feel of the GTS M.