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Recent content by TipsterTrickster

  1. TipsterTrickster

    Now selling Magnetic clocks!!

    I reordered more stuff to make more magnetic clocks!!! If anyone wants to buy one I should have them ready in the next few weeks!! same price as before ($30)
  2. TipsterTrickster

    Race to Sub x on Clock

    Round 36 sub-6 avg of 12: 6.224 Time List: 1. 6.830 DR5+ UL2+ R6+ D3+ ALL2- y2 UR4+ DR3+ DL5- UL3- U1- R5- UR DL UL 2. 6.691 DL1+ U2- D6+ L4+ ALL3+ y2 UR6+ DR5- UL1+ R5- D4- DR DL UL 3. 6.813 UR5+ DR3+ DL3+ U5+ R6+ y2 UR2+ DR3+ UL1+ R2+ D1- UR DL 4. 5.980 DR3- DL5+ U2- D1+ ALL3+ y2...
  3. TipsterTrickster

    US Nationals 2019

    Yay that’s really close to me!!!! Gonna go for a clock podium!!!
  4. TipsterTrickster

    Fingertrick B and B’ during f2l?

    It would just be better to rotate and do that alg. Even though you can get rid of some rotations but don’t try to get rid of all of them. It you never want to rotate you should look into switching to roux which is the method I use (or ZZ, but ZZ isn’t really good).
  5. TipsterTrickster

    Solving a 3x3 Blindfolded on a unicycle!

    4 bld next? Also If you have any ideas on future challenges post them here!
  6. TipsterTrickster

    4BLD and 5BLD Mo3 recognized by the WCA in 2019

    now Becoming a silver member is going to be 10000 times harder
  7. TipsterTrickster

    [WR] Max Park - 1:51.63 7x7 Mean

    Woaj insane it just keeps getting more and more impossible to break!
  8. TipsterTrickster

    LOL Scramble December 2018 Comp

    i'll update this as I do things! ok 3x3! 1) 11.85, I use roux so this was just an average time 2) 8.13, had to use CFOP on this one lol 3) 5.36, lololol ROUX ftw... but kinda slow for what it was 4) 7.44, ok pretty gud 5) 8.41, pauses pauses pauses Average) 7.99 first sub 9 average (but it...
  9. TipsterTrickster

    2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals

    I made a spreadsheet!!! Here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1buHQIoRjg67cH7CoGbAVjff6Qeao-cvsVae5s718OEA/edit?usp=sharing
  10. TipsterTrickster

    [WR] Max Hilliard - 16.55 3BLD Single

    Insane!!! Congrats max!!!!!
  11. TipsterTrickster

    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    Wow this is very surprising... I do not like this choice but on the flip side I’m happy it’s not clock :P
  12. TipsterTrickster

    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    Yeah I was just doing it to mess around and for fun...
  13. TipsterTrickster

    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    Just for fun here is the roux version of the recon. Scramble: F U2 L2 B2 F' U L2 U R2 D2 L' B L2 B' R2 U2 Inspection: z y 1st block: U R2 U’ F’ L F’ U’ L’ 2nd block: U’ R U R2’ U R U2 R’ U R Cmll: U R’ U’ R U’ R’ U2 R U LSE: Skip! Congrats on the record!!! Getting lucky is not a crime!
  14. TipsterTrickster

    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    No way, unbelievable, should have been Jay, why wasn’t this me, should have been max, why, wow, first sub 4, scramble?, solution?, why T noodle why... are just some of my thoughts after seeing this
  15. TipsterTrickster


    There are two things that could have happens. 1) you put it together and didn’t tighten it enough, in that case just tighten it up. 2) you have a stripped core... this video may help or you may just need a new core.