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Recent content by reThinking the Cube

  1. reThinking the Cube

    Should we ban pillowed 7x7x7s?

    Stickerless are being banned because they hurt Cubesmith sticker sales. Pillowed 7x7 are being allowed because it pleases V-cube, and allowing them doesn't hurt Cubesmith sticker sales. Protecting financial interests is why some things are banned for the same reasons that others are not. The...
  2. reThinking the Cube

    WCA has now banned stickerless cubes for BLD. Thoughts?

    How can the speedsolving community get the minutes for all of the WCA rule change meetings that addressed this issue?
  3. reThinking the Cube

    A Collection of Algorithms

    Found by brain. rePLL(Aa)™: z D' R U' r2 D R' D' r2 (UD) (Aa-perm) rePLL(Ja)™: z D' R U' R2 D R' D' R2 (UD) (Ja-perm) rePLL(Nb)™: z (R2' U2 R2 U R2') y (R2 U2 R2' U' R2) y' (R2' U2 R2 d' R2) y' z' (Nb-perm) >diagonal corner swap 4x4x4 (is the same N-perm alg modified for slice)...
  4. reThinking the Cube

    How to Notate Commutators and Conjugates?

    cancelling setup move (conjugate) ~ cyclic shift. Good post, but the intermediate results are incorrect as you have shown them. [A:B] [C:B'] = (A B A B') (B C B' C') is wrong. The 2nd A should be a A', and [A:B] [C:B'] is conjugates - not commutators, and so that extra "B') (B" does not...
  5. reThinking the Cube

    How would you solve this case BLD?

    x' y [L2, U' M U] y' x that is elegant! your buffer is different than mine [C v. A] nice. @3-stylers (chrishardw,aronpm,riffz) Noted: fearless cube rotations to get better algs, with no sign of the seasickness that would be expected from trying to keep track of a blindfold buffer that...
  6. reThinking the Cube

    How would you solve this case BLD?

    @all, thanks for the solves - they are all very interesting to me. UF>BU>DB is [CQW]: [F:URU',M] is faster re: D U R2 D2 L' D U' R B L U2 R' U' L' F [CQWi]: FURU'MUR'U'M'F' [Jt.Lr]: R2E2R2E2 [birt]: xy (U'R) (M'U')4 (R'U)
  7. reThinking the Cube

    How would you solve this case BLD?

    I'm curious to compare some different approaches (M2, TuRBo, BH, etc.) for the following position: Please show your method for solving these edges - Scramble: D U R2 D2 L' D U' R B L U2 R' U' L' F &size=150&pzl3&alg=DUR2D2L'DU'RBLU2R'U'L'F"
  8. reThinking the Cube

    New Dayan+Mf8 4x4 (Updated picture)

    Bah, I would gladly pay up to a $100 for a STICKERLESS version of this Dayan 4x4x4. Due to the tremendous volume of cubes in my inventory, I have been forced to pay a team of elvin slaves to keep my cubes restickered, but this is getting to be way too expensive due to the rising cost of...
  9. reThinking the Cube


    F3: (U2) optional ~AUF, xyURU'R'F'U'F. Sorry.
  10. reThinking the Cube


    Yeah, IMO - (FRU'R'URUR'F') should be the 'main' for F3. It is better than R'U'RUlU'R'U. And xyURU'R'F'U'F is one I found for AUF=U2, but the rotation is irritating. Explained Notation and Grip Notations.
  11. reThinking the Cube


    Here are some moar colourful H2BS for your list: H2 = G3' G3: y' FRU'R'U'RUR'URU'R'F' y H2: y' FRUR'U'RU'R'URUR'F' y
  12. reThinking the Cube


    Dear Kir, You gave a main alg for all the other cases, and for at least some of them, we already know that you have more than 1 alg depending on AUF, EO, etc. But for the H2 case, and only the H2 case, you did not give any alg at all. Instead you said, "Don't have one." So what that really...
  13. reThinking the Cube


    H2: R' (U' D) R2' U R2 U' R2' U' R2 (U D') R ~what you had before is good too. H2: y' B' R2 U R2 U' R2 U' R2 B
  14. reThinking the Cube

    [WCA Regulations 2012] Remove +2 penalty for misaligned sides

    People can train themselves to stop having accidents once they realize their +2 diaper has been removed.
  15. reThinking the Cube

    [WCA Regulations 2012] Remove +2 penalty for misaligned sides

    Obviously, the majority of the +2 are caused by the requirement of having to let go of the cube while stopping the timer as fast as possible. Doing this procedure correctly is the responsibility of the competitor, and not the WCA, but it will be flawed when competitors: (1)...