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Recent content by oranjules

  1. O

    [ER] Jules Desjardin - 2.30 Pyraminx average

    Well the one from Worlds didn't last for long... :D
  2. O

    [ER] Jules Desjardin - 2.32 Pyraminx average

    It's a shame that I failed to pick up the pyra at the last solve (the scramble was not that good anyway), but still soooo happy about this :)
  3. O

    The reconstruction thread

    Thank you so much Brest ! Really happy to see this :) The regrips must have been a pain to write, and the crosses too :D (I really need to work on that)
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    [French NR] Jules Desjardin 2.65 Pyraminx average

    2.46 (3.40) 3.03 (2.13) 2.46 = 2.65 I used to be .01 slower than Livia, now I'm .02 faster than her :D I'm back at the 3rd place ! My previous NR was from December 2014, good to finally beat it. I'm a little bit disappointed for the 3.03, I found an apparently obvious 4-move top but actually...
  5. O

    ksolve+ v1.0 - general-purpose algorithm finder

    you have to launch it from cmd
  6. O

    World Championships 2013 - Las Vegas

    Does the deadline of 1 July also apply to unofficial events ? I want to be sure to go before registering for them
  7. O

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Ha, I'm better than you at that :p
  8. O

    The Realman Challenge + Ranking

    I did some tries : 3x3 : 16.41 2x2 : 6.42 Pyra : 6.17
  9. O

    [Unofficial] 2.72 Pyraminx Ao12

    How did you mod it ?
  10. O

    [Unofficial] 2.72 Pyraminx Ao12

    That's amazing ! What pyra do you have ? My PB avg12 is only 2.98 on computer :( I love your turning style too ! And the scrambles didn't seem easy (you have insane TPS !)
  11. O

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    And Korea with 0.999 in pyra, but the NR is 4.85
  12. O

    [WR] Pyraminx average 2.96 by Odder (@Danish Special 2013)

    I did 2.77 avg (4.97 2.88 2.69 1.81 2.75), you were pretty slow :p But congrats on finally doing this officially !
  13. O

    [Help Thread] Pyraminx Discussion

    I use 1-flip and WO, and only inspect up to centers, even if the scramble is easy (well, if there is a top+centers in 1 move, ok, but else, i can't do it)
  14. O

    Mr.Toad's Fifteen puzzle with timer (modified by stannic)

    I did a 8x8 avg 5 : 2:13.073, with 1:58.264 single :)
  15. O

    Mr.Toad's Fifteen puzzle with timer (modified by stannic)

    2:33.664 2-7 relay :) 1:10.689, 48.827, 20.088, 7.013, 5.365, 1.682 = 2:33.664 642, 457, 212, 64, 48, 13 = 1436 I failed so hard on the last 2 ones :p but i'm really happy for the first 2 ones, i think they are PBs. EDIT : sub 2:30 ! 2:28.955, with 9.855 TPS O_o 1:08.782, 46.176, 20.797, 8.917...