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Recent content by One Wheel

  1. One Wheel

    Older cubers discussions

    Just smashed through 2:00 for 5x5 single with a 1:50.77. Previous best in my regular 5x5 cstimer session was 2:05.65. Just a nice smooth solve, I remember two f2l pairs inserted with F’ L U F L’, or something to that effect, and ended with a G perm. Centers and edges just flowed well. I may...
  2. One Wheel

    Which would be a good addition to the WCA events? (Poll)

    I’ve mentioned a few variations on current events that I would like to see, but if we want something new the Curvy Copter seems like the best option. I would suggest that it be done with jumbling, though. On the one hand it’s a more interesting solve, and on the other hand if a competitor gets...
  3. One Wheel

    Magnets thread

    Hmm. I checked that calculator and it does show similar force. At one point I wrote them to ask if they could get it to show a third decimal place, and they said that in reality even the second decimal place wasn’t probably all that reliable. You’re probably within the error range. Your magnets...
  4. One Wheel

    Magnets thread

    Oof. 4x1s are the ones to use in the YLM6. This spreadsheet recommends 4x1 and 4x1.5 n38, what I used was that except where that says 4x1.5 I used a 4x1 n52. I’m really happy with mine.
  5. One Wheel


    I’m not a big 3x3 collector, so correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression is that since roughly Yuexiao/Valk/GTS2, and certainly since the introduction of factory magnetic flagships the question of “which is best?” is moot. It’s just a question of which you prefer.
  6. One Wheel

    Help Please! STRANGE internal piece on my Little Magic 6x6x6 that might be causing cube to catch???

    I have a YLM 6x6, and I don’t think what you’re describing is normal. I’m not sure of the purpose of the notches in the center piece, but I’m reasonably certain they aren’t the problem. I second what @xyzzy said about uploading the video to YouTube. Like any 6x6, and especially budget 6x6s, the...
  7. One Wheel

    Upcoming puzzles

    That looks like a royal pain to magnetize, but I like the inset tiles. Overall it reminds me very much of a fangshi.
  8. One Wheel

    Upcoming puzzles

    The 3x3 looks to me very much like a Warrior W.
  9. One Wheel

    Selling many cubes

    Where are you shipping from?
  10. One Wheel

    Upcoming puzzles

    His PB sheet shows the Gan Megaminx as his main, but no times.
  11. One Wheel

    Upcoming puzzles

    I think Feliks and Max have been using the Gan Megaminx for a while now.
  12. One Wheel

    Spring Swap in Yuxin Blue 4x4?

    There are few, if any, 4x4s better than a magnetic Yuxin Blue with Thunderclap springs. The Thunderclap 3x3 is a good cube, not necessarily a great one anymore. Put the Blue springs in the TC and you’ll have a serviceable 3x3. Put the TC springs in the Blue, along with 48 of these on the outer...
  13. One Wheel

    Spring Swap in Yuxin Blue 4x4?

  14. One Wheel

    Upcoming puzzles

    It’s possible that I’m remembering wrong, but what I recall is a review by Kevin Hays of a “Yuxin Megaminx,” and then I got that Megaminx from MagicCubeMall and it was advertised as a “Yuxin Megaminx.” I think it was before the YLM 3x3 came out, or at least before it got popular. I thought I...
  15. One Wheel

    Upcoming puzzles

    And 2 Megaminxes (the first was retroactively called Little Magic) and of course the 6x6.