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  • i will buy all of them from you for the societies' stock :) i can pick them up too, check your thread :)
    3BLD pretty much, noone is really that great at BLD ha. Yeah i will do would be great if you came. Should i just message you on here nearer the time? are you on here much?
    Right well, we've stopped for summer now, but next year you should definitely check it out (when you're not in London), it's at the university and we meet every week and have informal comp (for members) every month. Not sure how much we are charging for annual membership next year but will probs be around £5. We normally have food/wine at cubemeets too. You should come one week next year and do a BLD tutorial during the meet that week, we will pay your travel expenses :)
    I'm from Market Harborough! Though I don't to UoL, I'll be at the University of London next year.
    But if you're looking for a half decent blindsolver then I'm interested! Details?
    Hey, I'm from Leicester. Just wondering, do you go to Leicester University? or just happen to live near Leicester? We have a speedcubing society there you should check it out
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