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  • Noah, I have been watching your 3-style tutorials and am a bit confused. Commutators are supposed to be intuitive, right? I have no idea how to apply 3-style corners to my solves. I know the basic idea of commutators- the A B A' B'- but don't know how to apply those to my solves intuitively. I have followed along your example solves and still don't quite get it. I don't know how to do a setup move and do the 3 corners (L, P, and V using your letter scheme) with a 3-style. Is there anyway you can help me understand how to do these 3-stytle corners intuitively? I would really like to apply them to my solves. Thank you for your time and help.
    Hi Noah, sorry to bother you, but ive just watched your video on memo 3BLD and you say you memo corners through letters.... I memo them through tapping (yes I know, poor isn't it! :/ ).
    For M2 and OP, what would you suggest memorizing first? and what would you suggest solving first?

    Thanks :)
    How can I get more accurate? For about every ten solves I have one success. Do you get more accurate when you get faster?
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