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Recent content by Nasalmirror

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    Aolong v2: change or not?

    I did that just 2 days ago, but the cube still feels akward to me. It was great at the beginning, but now it's just not there anymore. Where would you buy a new cube, considering I live in Italy? (amazon does not have great stock)
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    Aolong v2: change or not?

    I keep trying to find a sweet spot, but I just seem to be missing it or it's just not there for me. I keep stucking on algorythms or slipping with my fingers if the tenion is too lose. The cube was awesome when I first started, but now it feels kinda awkward. What cube would you recommend which...
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    Aolong v2: change or not?

    So I have a MoYu Aolong v2 but I feel like I'm doing something wrong..it's just feels like I can't find the sweet spot in tensioning. Should I change cube and buy maybe something cheap but good and newer like the Little Magic, or am I doing something wrong in the s