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Lucas Garron

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  • Hi Lucas
    I love your alg.cubing.net site. I have two quick questions. I have searched the site but cannot find any relevant answers.

    How do I change the color scheme so that white appears on bottom and yellow on top?

    Is there a way to run an algorithm on a loop, so the viewer could observe the algorithm being performed over and over without touching any buttons?
    thanks i was wondering if i should use either TuRBo, M2 or 3OP
    Use Turbo method , which can help you transition to 3 style with UF buffer , much smoother.
    umm.. i was wondering how on earth do you do BLD
    Have a buffer piece, perform trace for 2 kinds of pieces (edges and corners) separately. Do swapping algorithms while keeping track of parity, do sighted solves of this method first to get familiar.
    Hey Lucas,

    I remember you had freestlye BLD algorithms for edges on your cubing site,but I can't find them now.Where are they?
    I was looking through your ELS cases for MGLS and came across a typo in case F2.

    (d)FRUR'F' [5]
    should be
    (d')FRUR'F' [5]

    I don't know if you even care about the page anymore, but I figured it would be best to inform you nonetheless.
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