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  • Good night, we will have to finish this little debate later. Good time having someone to argue with.
    As the founder and self-appointed president of Kirjava Fan Club, I would like to offer you the title of Benevolent Dictator For Life. It's an honorary position mostly.
    wow~~~~i like roux method since i kown big green and you,and now i can use ruox method do it in 18s. but the 6e4c part takes too long time~~maybe 4s or 5s, would you show me some help?
    Where did you get your avatar, or how did you make it. Not to be offensive or anything, just curious. I saw one similar on qqwref's profile and became curious. Also, it's awesome. Just saying.
    I saw your videos on youtube and i want to learn from you^^. Im using Roux method ( avg 25), could you give me some scrambles and solution? thanks a lot:)
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