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  • Hey, Ved and Anthony say you have to make a facebook...I'm just the messenger...hey! Ved is going to Nationals!
    Have you contacted Tyson about the competition yet? We've got the site ready, and are working on the schedule, but we need to tell Tyson about the event.

    AJ Blair
    Your inbox is full...

    We should hang out again sometime and really talk this over, since we actually have a plan now. It's winter break, so I'm free anytime. We should have more than 14 competitors at this next event anyway...but 5 or 6 dollars should do. If we hold it at my school, there's a little caesers, mcdonalds, sonic, carls jr, and taco bell all within walking distance...so lunch shouldn't really be an issue...please let me know if we can get toge
    We need to have a cubing day here in the springs, they have them all the time in Denver, but I don't wanna drive an hour and a half for that :P
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