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  • I'm honestly not quite sure. However, by looking at previous results at competitions & thinking hard, I would say about 4-5 months.
    Hi ilikecubing. I did eventually figure out how to solve the square-1 on my own. My method is terrible, and only averages about 3 minutes. However, this is one of my proudest accomplishments in cubing, as every part of my method is my own, even the parity fix :) Are you working on any puzzles trying to solve them on your own? I've only ever done with with square-1, every other puzzle I have gotten help either in the form of the parity algs or even the full method.
    Hey dude, you've run out of room in your PM box. So here's my reply to your question.

    If you perform the cycling algorithm, it will simply take you to another case, which you would find and perform the cycling algorithm for, which you would find the next... etc etc until it's solved

    The direct algorithm simply shortcuts you having to FIND the cases, and just gives you an algorithm that contains all the cycles.
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