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  • Hi Godmil,
    Any idea if there are any shops in Aberdeen that sell decent lube? I;ll be in Aberdeen tomorrow so I thought I'd ask.
    Hey bro, I know you're more experience in cubing then me so I wanna ask you something.

    I'm sub-50 now using the CFOP method and I use a regular storebought cube.

    My parents agree to get me a new cube online under $30

    I was thinking of getting a zhanchi,but I heard that its uncontrollable even for intermediates . And when it pops,it kind of explodes.

    I want a long lasting cube and I've added several items.
    1 Lubix lube $9.99
    2 Dayan Torpedos 4.25

    Which means I'll have $15.75 left for my cube.
    I'm interested in guhong so is there any flaw? or should i get the zhanchi?

    Lunhui,Lingyun, alpha are all in my consideration. Thanks for tips ^^
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