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  • and say if i learn ZBLL whilist practicing eoline, i could master the method some time in a year or 2(say 1 case perday).

    I also like Z4 4x4, and I'll try it on my 5x5 once it arrives.(i'tll be easier in a way due to no OLL parityu :)
    Hello, Cride, i would like to become better at EOLine, to be better at ZZ, i can do the EO then the line, but it takes a lot of time for me, but if i do it correctly m F2L + LL is very fast(2L LL)

    and yes i have used your site for the source of learning.
    I'm a great fan of your site cube.crider.co.uk.

    I'm especially interested in begginer method using only the sexy move such as your begginer tutorial. I wrote one myself (it's LBL, the first two layers are here : http://forum.francocube.com/topic6091.html) which allows symmetries and inversions of the sequence RUR'U' for more regular speed results.

    I recently translated your begginer tutorial into french (http://forum.francocube.com/post154872.html#p154872)

    cubicly yours,
    Raphaël Cauderlier, french cuber
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