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Recent content by casi

  1. casi

    Nashville Competitions

    Trying to stay away from that heat :). Hypercube Labs could be a sponsor if someone needed one, but I can only make Sundays.
  2. casi

    How to Boron Treat Your Cubes! [DIY Tutorial]

    All lube is removed in a boron coat.
  3. casi

    Selling HyperCoated Cubes! Everything for only $70 total!

    The video for the HC GTS2M is here:
  4. casi


    Are they cubicle boron?
  5. casi

    Selling 7 Gan 356 X (SOLD OUT)

    Bought actually here on Speedsolving, but I don't think the person wants me to disclose who they are.
  6. casi

    Selling 7 Gan 356 X (SOLD OUT)

    Boron coating could possibly deform the space where the capsules go, or fuse any capsules you leave in during coating to the cube permanently. Old Plastic Dayan coatings, due to certain restrictions when fusing plastic to plastic, are feet only, and won't affect the capsules or the slots. So...
  7. casi

    Selling 7 Gan 356 X (SOLD OUT)

    I coated mine with Old Plastic Dayan and :O
  8. casi

    Selling A $25 SpeedCubeShop Giftcard

    Look. Buying a $25 gift card for $25 doesn't make any sense,
  9. casi

    CHEAP Old Plastic Dayan GAN SM and more coated cubes!

    These are some old slightly used coated cubes I want to get rid of. Prices: Old Plastic Dayan GAN SM(fresh stickers) - $65 Boron Cyclone Boys 2x2(stickerless) - $15 Shipping - $5 PM me to buy.
  10. casi

    Nashville Competitions

    Please also post your preferred events.
  11. casi

    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    We definitely know Feliks will show up.
  12. casi

    Gan 354 or 356 X?

    Have you seen the Cubeologist's video about this?
  13. casi


    Who made the carbon treated cubes?
  14. casi

    Cheap cubes for sale

    I'll buy the OP Dayan 2x2.
  15. casi

    BUYING OP Dayan 2x2

    Never mind, I contacted the guy and it turns out it's new plastic.