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Recent content by Boogie dude

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    Older cubers discussions

    Finally beat the 30 second barrier. Although it was a lot of luck and a pll skip. Still happy with this.
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    Older cubers discussions

    Where did you get the stickers ?
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I would be interested in any F2L help as well.
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    Older cubers discussions

    Got my giiker cube yesterday. Nice cube and works great with the app. Hate some of the colours. One positive is I got a sub 35 with the smart timer. Can’t complain there.
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    Older cubers discussions

    I started cubing when the cube first came out, but since then have had long absenses in between. a few years back I set myself a goal of beating 1 minute, which I do quite regularly, I even hit a 32 years back. I will be happy to break the 30 second barrier for now. I recently got the gan 354 m...
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    Older cubers discussions

    hi, I will be 50 next month. what cube do you use, and what solving method. i'm nowhere near sub 30 yet.
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    Older cubers discussions

    I have been spending lots of time solving my cube, my valk 3 power m turned up today, I am very pleased with it but I ordered the black stickered version, but the white stickerless turned up. so I will be getting the stickered version. my main goal is to start to recognise oll's and pll's and...
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    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks

    Looking for guides tips & good videos to help speed up my alg solves, Especially middle slice moves. Thanks.
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    [Member Intro] Hello everyone from an Indian Cuber!

    Hi, I am new to this site. Your times look great for someone who’s only been cubing for a few months. I am working my way to sub 30. What is 4LLL ?
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    [Member Intro] New to speed cubing. Hello.

    I am currently relearning oll & pll algs. And I am starting to look at 2FL. My gan speed cube is awesome, but the main thing is I am really enjoying this cubing thing now. Can’t wait to try my giiker cube when it arrives.
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    Get me under 1 min

    I use CFOP. My method is still what I call sloppy and I pause loads. My solve times are nearly all below 1 minute. I actually hit 41.75 yesterday. Considering I’m rusty I’m well happy. I now have a magnetic gan My advice is just practice, and memorise as many oll and pll Algs. I’m sure you will...
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    Older cubers discussions

    My gan 354m just turned up. So far out the box, very impressed.
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    Older cubers discussions

    Today’s triumph for me, 41.75 solve time. Considering I’m using my old sloppy method, I am well pleased. So my new goal is sub 40 secs, I have a load of algorithms to relearn. But I can see sub 30 times in a matter of maybe a good months practice. I can even see a sub 20 in the future. If you...
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    Older cubers discussions

    How many here have solved the 11 x 11 ? I have done it a few times. Oh and I just ordered the Valk 3 m power. I think I may have a problem with ordering cubes now.
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    Older cubers discussions

    what cube do you use ?