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Recent content by Awesomesaucer

  1. Awesomesaucer

    Upcoming puzzles

    Are you sure that’s legit
  2. Awesomesaucer

    Upcoming puzzles

    Anyone noticed the trend with little magic cubes? First there was the little magic 3x3, then 2x2, then skewb (I think but I’m not sure) then the 5x5 and now a sq1
  3. Awesomesaucer

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    I do cfop with vhls Is this new or unoriginal I have a Pb with this method of 9.286s
  4. Awesomesaucer

    [Member Intro] Hi everyone

    Hi Thanks for joining!
  5. Awesomesaucer

    Sub x. 3 x 3

    Practice makes perfect. Am I right?
  6. Awesomesaucer

    Sub x. 3 x 3

    Ok I average sub 14/13 so do I put my times in from any cubin session?
  7. Awesomesaucer

    Accomplishment Thread

    NEW SR??? Ok so I was doing speedsolvin, 2x2. I av 2s. Somehow, somehow I got a 5 move scramble and got a time of 0.46 Honestly I got this so admins please don’t take this down Edit: my previous PB was 0.98s and it was 8 moves
  8. Awesomesaucer

    Sub x. 3 x 3

    So what’s the 4 chances to win part?
  9. Awesomesaucer

    Magnetic cubes on airplane

    When I went on a flight my bag had to be checked 10 times! New PB!
  10. Awesomesaucer

    Rubik's brand 4x4 popped

    Complain and say “you’re terrible parents”
  11. Awesomesaucer

    [Help Thread] Mgc 2x2M vs Little Magic 2x2M

    Just go for the Mgc, it’s performance is outstanding for 10 bucks. Even tho Yuxin makes great puzzles, the 2x2 is a bit sandy according to some reviews, but I could be wrong
  12. Awesomesaucer

    [Unofficial] Leo Borromeo - 3.99 3x3 Single

    Who thinks Leo might get wr av? (Official)
  13. Awesomesaucer

    [Member Intro] Hello everybody!

    How long have you been cubing? Also welcome