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a small kitten
Last Activity:
Sep 16, 2016
Jul 21, 2008
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a small kitten


a small kitten was last seen:
Sep 16, 2016
    1. Y2k1
      Hello, I just learned zz and I am getting better at eoline (still 1 min though), however I didn't learn any ll methods (still use beginner ll) Which last layer method do you suggest I learn?

      Thanks! (btw learned zz from you, such great descriptions!)
    2. Tonyzhu77
      Hey´╝îI am Xingye Zhu from China. I have been using zz method for 2.5 years and I am still practising. I can solve the cube in 12 seconds speedsolving and 17 seconds one-handed. I am very interested in zz and I want to exchange experiences about zz with you(are you still cubing? I have noticed that you didn't compete in this year). My e-mail address is [email protected] Reply me, please.
    3. ttran9235
      What happened to your YouTube channel??
    4. maxyso
      umm like what do u mean? if ur talking about orders Maxwell
    5. a small kitten
      a small kitten
      Hello maxyso, can you let me know who you are?
    6. maxyso
      i decided to make an account and said u refered me!
    7. JonWhite
      Your last activity was 58 minutes ago. I have sent you a PM about your cube store. I'm assuming you want business. Reply to me.
    8. a small kitten
      a small kitten
      Depends what you see. Never fill out cross pieces if you don't have to. I do it sometimes out of bad habit.
    9. speed
      which one do you think is good ? (after EO)
      1. cross + f2l +oll + pll
      2. line + blockbuilding + oll + pll
      3. non of them
      i could do 8.36 with 1 :)
    10. speed
      i have wondered how u solve in 10 sec with zz?!!
      i use this method and my avarage is 17.xy
    11. danthecuber
    12. Truncator
      When I grow up, I want to be just like a small kitten.
    13. ariasamie
      has your kitten grown up enough to kill it?
    14. waffle=ijm
    15. StachuK1992
      "a small kitten has not made any friends yet"
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    ZZ-OH 1/5/12/100: 7.12 / 10.58 / 12.08 / 13.40
    TheCubicle.us - Prices smaller than a kitten. Cubes cooler than a guy.
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