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  1. Carl La Hood
    Carl La Hood
    Trying to get a sub 4 average and sub 3 single in competition for pyraminx :)
  2. Jeff Keough
    Jeff Keough
    my flow's not great, OK, I conversate, with people who i know if i flow on a song i'll get no RADIOplay .... |-/
  3. Matthew Cubermann
  4. Tycubing
    Kilo 4 Event 2017
  5. Thales (tthhaa_TM)
    Thales (tthhaa_TM)
    CuGoogle is better than CuBing.
  6. Mistermist
    Finally made the decision! I'm going to nats.
  7. Henry Nim
    Henry Nim
    I mostly do OH and i barely do any 2H...
  8. Antonio Gabriel
  9. CuberXD
    Let's cube together
  10. Isaac Clark
  11. jonlin
    I am a minxer
  12. Kyrie
    PB: Too slow to show
  13. Torch
    Professional walnut impersonator
  14. Pbcuber
    Crazy About Cubing.
  15. Pbcuber
    Crazy About Cubing.
  16. Rcuber123
    600 posts!
  17. AcidicCuber
    2x2 Ao5: 2.691 - 3x3 Ao5: 13.12 - Single: 6.624
  18. BandedCubing101
    I'm a sub 18 CFOP solver, that's all.
  19. Torch
    Main event? What's that?
  20. AwesomeARC
    COLL does seem to be quite useful sometimes!