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  1. Moyu User
    Moyu User
    My main cube is Mofang Jiaoshi MF3RS White. Mofang Jiaoshi is a sub brand of The Moyu Cube company. that's all!!
  2. Moyu User
    Moyu User
    I'm a Sub-45 begginer Fridrich Method Speedsolver. I use 2-look OLL and 2-look PLL. I do my HOME exactly.
  3. OJ Cubing
    OJ Cubing
    BLD PBs (3/4/5/m) 1:23.053/8:24.070/22:42.505/ 10/10 -- 3x3 PBs (1/5/12/100/1000) 8.472/13.163/14.537/15.705/16.497
  4. OJ Cubing
    OJ Cubing
    BLD PBs (3/4/5/m) 1:23.053/8:24.070/22:42.505/ 10/103x3 PBs (1/5/12/100/1000) 8.472/13.163/14.537/15.705/16.497
  5. Tycubing
  6. GenTheThief
    Learning and Relearning my ZBLLs
  7. Cubed Cuber
    Cubed Cuber JustinTimeCuber
    I forget whats your website name.
  8. EmperorZant
    The magnetic WuQue will (financially) be the death of me
  9. TheCubester
  10. gavinz
    I like to make magnetic cubes :)
  11. ECuber YT
    ECuber YT
    i ordered a gan air um negative 5 minutes ago :D
  12. EntireTV
    YouTube videos and pictures.
  13. EntireTV
  14. Neebah
    Oh please help me find my will to live
  15. Anthony Hildebrand
    Anthony Hildebrand
    3x3 1/3/5/12/50 13.43/15.43/15.48/17.45/18.52 CFOP 3x3 OH 41.85
  16. Dr_Detonation
    All my friends are non-cubers.
  17. OJ Cubing
    OJ Cubing
    BLD PBs (3/4/5/m) 1:23.053/9:24.891/22:42.505/ 10/10 -- 3x3 PBs (1/5/12/100/1000) 8.472/13.549/14.537/15.705/16.546
  18. Dr_Detonation
    I'm still alive! --John Carter
  19. Dr_Detonation
    I'm still alive
  20. StruckShadow