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  1. Like I don't even turn as fast as you do during my 2x2. And your last layer you're turning like just as fast as me. I think we can attribute that to your knowledge of other methods. But long story short your F2L is way behind your LL. This is why I always advise people to work on F2L early and wait to learn tons of algs because then they hit the point where the only way to improve is the hardest, which is F2L.
  2. Alright so overall EO is definitely your worst step, but something I want you to try when making your blocks; slow wayyyy down with the TPS, and use like literally half the moves. Petrus solves basically start off slow and accelerate as you reduce the amount of faces you have to turn (step 4), and the amount of pieces you have to solve. For comparison;
  3. hmm just saw your post on your own wall haha so i didnt get a notification
    sure add me on skype kk?
  5. Do you want me to make a vid?
  6. Well I think you could get sub 20 with EO practice alone or at least damn close. Definitely.
  7. After a warm up? 25 seconds petrus. 16-18 fridrich. 27-30 roux\
    When im sub 20 petrus im switching it to my main
  8. Oh jesus that's really long. I'm averaging 15s and 16s of 12 now. I took a year break so I'm getting back my old times. What are you averaging with 5 second EO?
  9. I meant what times are you averaging and how can I improve on my EO. It's like a 4-7 second pause during my solves with no turns at all.
  10. Wow sorry I completely missed the second part of your question about EO. What do you mean when you say what am I averaging? Averaging specifically for EO or the entire solve? I could do an average of 12 for EO and find out. It would only really mean something if I had no inspection though.
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