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European Record | Mats Valk | 3×3 single 5.13s

Mats Valk has produced his best 3×3 single time in over three years at the European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2016. Not only is it his own best time, but also the best time ever by a European. Leapfrogging two spots up the overall rankings, his time of 5.13 seconds now …

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World Record | Feliks Zemdegs | 3×3 average 6.45s

The previous 3×3 average was set almost three years ago by Feliks Zemdegs. But 26 competitions, 80 attempts, and almost 1000 days later, he has finally beaten the record that has stood for so long. At WLS Lato 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, he has shaved 0.09s off the previous WR of 6.54 …

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