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Proposer(s): Lars Petrus
Alt Names: S
Variants: Antisune
No. Steps: 1
No. Algs: 1
Avg Moves: 7 HTM

The term Sune; (soo-nay), was coined by Lars Petrus for his method, and is the most widely recognized name for the sequence of moves and the case. Sune is a male name in Sweden and is a iron age form for 'the son', in mordern Swedish that is 'sonen'.

The mirror/inverse alg/case is named Antisune (or Anti Sune). Using double layers for the first and last moves it is called a Fat Sune (Rw U R' U R U2 Rw').



Sune is a 2-gen algorithm that affects the last layer of a Rubik's Cube, and can be applied to other puzzles.

The Sune is most canonically written as R U R' U R U2 R'

There are many algs related to and/or derived from the Sune, such as its inverse, the Anti-Sune.

The Sune can be written as a pure commutator, but is most commonly recognized as a conjugated commutator or a sequence of two commutators.

Usage of the algorithm: Most often as an OLL in the Fridrich Method or a CO for any cube, but also as a COLL in the Vandenbergh-Harris Method, a CLL, a ZBLL, and besides that you can use it to to do 3-cycle edge permutation if corners are ignored, and more.


All cases of the last layer that has three corners twisted is a 'Sune case'.

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