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Proposer(s): Various
Alt Names:
Variants: none
No. Steps: 1
No. Algs: ~330
Avg Moves: ~11

Orientation of Last Layer and Corner Permutation OLLCP is a experimental LL method which both orients the last layer and solves the corners. Thus after this step only EPLL remains. The price to get there however is a high algorithm count (300+). Only a very few number of people use the full set, but a number of people use the subsets COLL and CLLEF. Several people came up with the idea, some of them after they wanted to re-learn some OLL algorithms and noticed the new algorithms had a different effect on the corners. By 'recycling' the old OLL algorithms it is sometimes very easy and fast to be able to avoid an N perm and get higher chances of PLL-skips. Because some OLLCP algorithms are really slow and because of the high number of algorithms, it is advisable to only learn the nice and fast algorithms. A slow OLLCP plus a U perm is probably slower than a fast 'normal' OLL algorithm leaving any other PLL.

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