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Sculpted/Convex Galaxy Megaminx

Discussion in 'Puzzle Building, Modding, & Designing' started by Dom, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Dom

    Dom Member

    Here's a simple mod I did to my XMD Galaxy Megaminx. The centers and corners have sculpted tiles, and the edges have convex tiles. It makes it really easy to manipulate and do turns.

    I'll bring it to Northern Neck Winter 2018. If anyone is going to that, I'll let y'all try it out.

    What do y'all think?

    The Pocket Cuber likes this.
  2. Are you going to wolfpack winter or slow n steady?
  3. The Pocket Cuber

    The Pocket Cuber Member

    Dec 26, 2017
    The Pocket Cuber
  4. Dom

    Dom Member

    I'm thinking about it.

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