Race to sub x on a 4x4

Discussion in 'Forum Competitions' started by ViliusRibinskas, Aug 21, 2015.

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  1. mafergut

    mafergut Member

    Jul 21, 2014
    It happens to me at times that my spacebar registers a double key press and I get a time under 1 second. I always thought it had something to do with breadcrumbs and other lint in my keyboard but sometimes it's just me pressing it twice.
  2. mafergut

    mafergut Member

    Jul 21, 2014
    Basically when somebody posts results and new scrambles. Nobody owns this race (and other big cube races like the 5x5 one) so, if you want to post scrambles please do so. If not maybe I will do it this weekend even though I don't think I'll succeed so soon at sub 1:10 :)
  3. Ok, I still want to do 53B so I will try to do it in the next few days.
  4. CornerCutter
    Round 53B
    Race to sub-1:30
    Cube: Wuque
    Method: Yau

    Ao12: 1:23.64[2/3]

    1. (1:46.77)
    2. 1:30.29
    3. 1:19.21
    4. 1:15.36
    5. 1:24.69
    6. 1:25.10
    7. 1:35.97
    8. 1:16.13
    9. 1:26.23
    10. (1:14.62)
    11. 1:14.80
    12. 1:28.61

    Yay! Faster every time!
  5. seeing as no one has done this for 3 weeks I am going to post new scrambles.
    if no one else posts scrambles then I plan to do this at 4:30 PM GMT/BST every Friday.
    congrats to muchacho for graduating this round(3/3)
    cornercutter is on 1/3

    expected closing time: 4:30 BST 28/4/17 (4/28/17 for you americans)
    if you want me to split rounds up into 54a and 54b please say
    scrambles(from cstimer.net):
    1. B' L F2 Fw2 B' L' R2 U F' Rw Fw2 L2 Fw B2 Rw L2 B2 Uw F' L' D2 B Fw Rw' R2 D L2 Fw2 R2 Uw2 Fw' Rw B' F2 U Fw U' D' L' R2
    2. U2 Uw' B' U2 R F2 B' U Rw' L' D2 Rw2 D2 Rw2 Fw' B2 Rw D2 Fw2 U' D L2 Uw B L F R' F' L2 Uw' U L2 U Rw' D2 U Fw' R U' F2
    3. D2 B' U2 Fw2 F2 B' D' Fw Uw U2 L B' Uw Fw2 U' L R Rw Uw2 F' L2 R2 Rw B U Uw R Rw2 D B' Uw' L Uw' L2 U' B2 D2 Uw' Fw Rw
    4. F' U Fw' B2 Uw2 Fw' Uw' Fw' L2 F' D2 F2 Rw Fw2 Rw F2 U L Uw2 B' D2 R' Uw U' L' Fw2 U2 F2 R B2 Rw D' B2 Uw2 U2 D F B' L' B'
    5. Fw2 Uw R2 Uw2 B' D2 B' R Rw' D B Uw' F' U' R2 Rw' L2 Uw2 Fw B D2 U' L' Rw U' B Rw2 Uw2 Rw2 R L2 Uw' L' Fw2 L2 D2 B2 R' Uw L'
    6. D' R Rw B' Uw B Fw' R2 L Fw' Rw2 F Uw' Fw' D' L F2 Rw R' B' L2 U' Uw R F2 D' F2 D2 F' Fw B2 D2 Rw Uw2 F2 R' Fw F B2 L'
    7. Uw' Rw L2 Uw2 R' D Fw' Uw L2 R' D' Uw' Rw R L' Uw F' U B' L B Fw F L' U' F L2 Uw' R Uw2 U B' Uw' L R Uw2 L' Fw R2 D2
    8. Rw F L2 U2 Fw L B' L' U F' L B Fw L2 B R2 D' Uw R2 B' L' Uw Rw' D2 F' D' U' R' U2 F' Uw2 Fw' R' U2 Uw Fw' U F2 Rw2 Uw2
    9. F' L2 B' Fw2 R Rw F' B2 L2 F Fw' B2 L F D2 B' U2 Rw B' D' U B2 U' D B' F Rw' U F Rw2 B L2 D' B2 Uw Fw' B' F2 Uw2 Fw'
    10. Fw U2 L' U' R' F2 B Rw F' Uw' R L D L Uw B U Fw2 Uw L2 F2 U D L2 Uw2 R' Uw U2 B R2 Rw U2 Uw D R B2 R' Uw' U B
    11. Fw' Uw D2 Fw2 Uw L2 D Fw2 Rw' L' F B2 U' Fw' L2 U' Uw' F' L Fw2 R' F2 Uw2 Fw D2 R Uw' Fw' F2 L2 U2 D2 R' L' F L2 Uw' D' R Rw
    12. F2 B' Uw' R L' F' U' Uw D' R2 Fw2 D L' B R' L Uw' B Fw2 Rw2 D' L' U2 Uw2 B2 F2 L2 Uw' F2 L Rw' B2 L' U' L Uw R2 B2 D Uw
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  6. round 54
    race to sub 1:10.002
    cube: stickerless qiyi wuque
    method: pure reduction to CFOP

    1: 01:02.07
    2: 01:17.27
    3: DNF (got PLL parity + U perm and recognised the U- perm but not the PLL parity)
    4: 01:00.78 x
    5: 01:18.55
    6: 01:04.29
    7: 01:21.14
    8: 01:20.88
    9: 01:13.64
    10: 01:07.04
    11: 01:23.19 x
    12: 01:09.16

    truncated Average of 12: 01:13.72
  7. zipper

    zipper Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    Round 54:
    race to sub-1
    Method Yau+Cfop
    Cube: Cyclone Boys G4

    10 of 12: 00:59.14

    12:00:58.38 x
    11: 00:56.81 x
    10: 00:58.69 x
    9: (01:05.59) x
    8: 00:57.57 x
    7: 01:02.37 x
    6: 01:00.36 x
    5: 00:57.57 x
    4: 01:01.00 x
    3:( 00:56.00) x
    2: 00:57.08 x
    1: 01:01.57 x
  8. I'm actually 2/3.

    I would like 54b scrambles.

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  9. mafergut

    mafergut Member

    Jul 21, 2014
    Round 54 - Race to sub 1:10
    Cube: Qiyi Wuque stickerless
    Method: Yau

    avg of 12: 1:14.51 (0/3)
    1:14.98, (1:22.61), 1:17.53, 1:07.20, 1:16.11, 1:09.84, (1:05.09), 1:21.74, 1:07.12, 1:18.79, 1:15.74, 1:16.00

    My WuQue needed a couple drops of Maru but I insisted in doing the whole average without lubing it. Anyway bad average. Happy with the 1:07.xx which had double parity (would have been sub 1min without parity).

    I'm planning on doing a second average. Can I use my own scrambles?

    EDIT: Did a second average with my own scrambles from csTimer:

    avg of 12: 1:12.53 (0/3)
    1:12.85, 1:05.50, 1:12.74, 1:09.15, 1:04.42, (1:22.20), 1:17.36, (1:02.94[op]), 1:15.52, 1:17.26, 1:12.11, 1:18.32

    A bit better but still quite inconsistent. I should aim to 0-1 counting sup-1:15 and take more advantage of no-parity solves with sub 1:05 on all those if I want to ever get to sub 1:10 average. Anyway, the highlight of the average is that 1:02.94 with OLL parity that, again, could have been sub 1min without.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2017
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  10. Ordway Persyn

    Ordway Persyn Member

    Sep 24, 2014
    Mimal the Elf's boot
    spaz cuber
    R54A, sub 50 (Hoya, Yuxin Blue)
    Generated By csTimer on 2017-4-22
    avg of 12: 51.368

    Time List:
    52.389, (1:07.760), 56.068, 50.587, 48.688, 55.373, 53.648, 50.200, (43.275), 47.175, 50.204, 49.348

    Good average.
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  11. muchacho

    muchacho Member

    May 27, 2015
    Race to sub 2:00
    Method: Meyer
    Cube: Kungfu Cangfeng

    Round 54a
    Ao12: 2:05.79

    1:48.46, 2:02.55, 2:02.07, (2:45.15), 2:06.35, 1:52.20, 2:25.65, 2:15.89, (1:44.71), 2:02.28, 2:18.99, 2:04.43

    Round 54b
    Ao12: 2:02.52

    1:50.80, 1:56.19, 2:06.26, 1:47.38, 1.55:67, 3:04.20, 1:59.52, 1:54.04, (1:42.06), (DNF), 1:44.40, 2:06.70
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
  12. T1_M0

    T1_M0 Member

    Feb 13, 2017
    Round 54
    Yau method, Kungfu Cangfeng 4x4
    Race to sub-1:30

    1:18.42, 1:30.54, (1:02.37 PB), 1:34.97, 1:16.97, 1:25.01, 1:28.54, 1:42.56, (1:46.67), 1:16.17, 1:37.51, 1:26.00
    = 1:27.67 (1/3)

    I've improved a lot, but way too many 1:35s and 1:40s / flaws in general.
  13. TCCuber

    TCCuber Member

    Feb 4, 2017
    Round 54
    Method: Yau
    Cube: KungFu CangFeng
    Race To Sub-50
    Generated By csTimer on 2017-4-25
    avg of 12: 49.81

    Time List:
    1. 50.63 R2 Fw' Rw2 F R B' U L2 Fw Uw' D2 B2 Uw Fw' L2 U' Fw' B Rw' U2 R2 U' R D U Fw D2 R F B' D U Fw' B F' L2 U' F Uw2 Fw
    2. (59.95) R' Uw R' Fw2 B2 F2 L R D2 B' L F' D' R U Uw R2 Fw D U2 L D F2 Uw' B' L' U2 Rw D L' F U' Fw' F2 Rw' D2 Rw U' Fw2 L
    3. 45.50 F L2 Fw2 D' Fw L2 Uw2 F' L' Uw2 B Uw B' Uw2 B2 L Rw' B2 D2 Rw' U' R B2 Uw D' R B R2 B2 F2 D2 F' B' Uw2 Fw' F' Rw2 R' Fw R2
    4. 48.92 D' F U2 B F Uw2 Fw Rw U2 L2 Fw L U' F D' Fw2 U2 B2 L2 R2 Uw' U' F2 U2 Fw2 F' Uw' Fw D2 U L R' U' Fw2 U Rw2 F D F Uw2
    5. 49.68 D Fw2 R B' F2 Uw' Fw' U2 L2 D' Fw' Uw Fw' F' B2 Uw' R2 U Rw' L D' B U2 R' F Uw' R' B2 R U' F2 R2 D' F Rw' R F' Uw' F' U
    6. 44.37 F2 Fw' B U Fw2 F2 Uw' U D' Fw F2 Uw2 R2 D' B2 Uw' Fw F' Rw R2 L D2 Rw R F D2 R2 B Uw2 U' B' D2 U R2 U' R' B' Rw2 B U'
    7. 46.89 B' D2 Rw2 L2 D F U R F' Fw U L F2 Uw L R Rw2 Fw' B2 R' D' R F U' D Uw F2 U2 D2 F' Uw2 D' Fw2 Uw L2 D2 U2 R U B2
    8. (37.49) B' L Fw2 B2 L2 Rw F' D Uw B' R2 U' F' D2 R Uw Fw2 F' B2 L' D2 Fw' Uw2 D B2 F2 D' B' L2 R' Uw' B' U2 R Rw2 D2 B' Rw Uw2 F2
    9. 53.45 Fw R F2 Rw2 B' D2 Rw D Uw Fw Rw2 L B U2 D' F2 Fw U R D F Fw' R2 L' U Uw F' Uw Rw U R U' B' Fw' Rw Fw' F2 U2 Uw Fw'
    10. 55.80 F' Fw D2 F2 D2 U Rw2 D' R' Rw' D B2 L R Fw Uw R U' Rw2 B' D2 L D2 B' F' D' Fw B F2 R U' R2 D' B2 Uw2 B' Fw' Uw2 Rw2 Fw
    11. 53.25 R2 F2 Uw2 L Uw2 Fw D2 B Uw' U' R Fw D' U2 Uw F2 Rw U L2 D2 Rw2 R2 Fw' R Fw Uw D' Rw Uw' R2 Rw B2 Fw U2 Rw2 B' R' Fw F' D
    12. 49.55 L' F2 Rw2 L2 U Fw2 B' Rw' Fw' U2 B2 L' B' F U' R B' Rw2 R' F R' D2 Rw2 F2 B D' Rw D' B' R2 B L2 Fw2 D2 L' D Fw L' D' Uw'
  14. new scrambles are planned to be posted in 1 day 23 hours and 20 minutes and 12 seconds
    please post averages before then
    if the above figures are not correct blame the server not me please.
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  15. I just got a 1:06.01 4x4x4 ao5
    5: 01:07.26
    4: 01:02.80 x
    3: 01:04.44
    2: 01:06.32
    1: 01:24.77 x

    better go that well tomorrow when I post new scrambles
    i'd better update my signature
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  16. I will post mine later today.
  17. CornerCutter
    Round 54
    Method: Yau
    Cube: Wuque

    Ao12: 1:18.79[3/3]

    1. 1:18.05
    2. 1:25.52
    3. 1:06.09
    4. 1:29.11
    5. 1:16.99
    6. 1:13.03
    7. 1:17.00
    8. 1:22.93
    9. (1:05.38)
    10. (1:32.69)
    11. 1:22.40
    12. 1:16.70

    Yay! I graduated! Sub- 1:15 is next!
  18. so I just got a sub 1:10 4x4x4 ao12 over today and yesterday (extended from my PB ao5)
    congrats to corner cutter for graduating but please do 1:10 like me next.
    keep going if you want t1_mo on 1/3 and zipper all on 1/3

    round 55
    expected closing time: 4:30 GMT 5/5/17(it is already the same for you americans so no need to complain)
    55a scrambles from http://www.cstimer.net
    1. U' Uw L2 Rw' Fw U2 R' D' B' D L' R2 Uw2 Rw' D2 F2 R2 B2 D2 Fw' L2 Rw Fw D2 B' Fw F' Uw' D2 F D2 B L D2 Fw' U' B Fw D' Uw
    2. U2 Fw' Rw2 F' Uw R' Fw' D' Rw U' Rw R B' R F D2 F2 U D2 R' U2 B2 D' Rw2 R L2 U Fw B D2 F' Uw' B Fw2 F R' Uw2 R Rw2 D
    3. U2 F2 Uw F2 U Rw B' U' L2 F U L D2 L' R D2 U2 Rw F' Uw' B F2 U R2 L2 U Rw2 Uw2 B' Fw2 Uw2 F2 Rw2 L' F' R Uw2 D' R' D
    4. U' F2 R2 Rw2 L2 Uw Rw' F B Fw2 U2 R2 F R U D' L2 R' Uw Fw2 L' Fw2 R' Rw Uw2 Fw2 D' Fw L' R D B F Rw2 U2 Fw' L Rw' B Rw
    5. Rw Uw2 Rw2 Fw Rw2 R' L D2 L2 U' Fw D Uw R2 D Rw Fw Rw D Uw2 R2 L' U R' U Fw' B2 L' Rw' Uw' R2 Rw' F2 B' R' Uw2 Rw' F' Fw Uw
    6. D' R' Rw' Uw' F' Uw' R2 Rw2 D2 R Fw' Rw2 L F2 U Uw F2 D' Fw' Uw U2 Fw B2 R D Fw' F2 R2 F Uw Fw D' L2 F2 Rw' R D2 Rw L2 Fw'
    7. F2 U' Rw R D' B R Rw Fw2 Uw' L Fw' D' B' Uw B2 Rw L' D2 U' B2 F D L' Fw' D2 R2 L' B' Rw2 Uw2 F' Fw2 D Rw2 U2 R' L' U2 Uw'
    8. B R2 B' Uw2 D F2 R2 Fw2 Rw2 L R2 B F U' R D' Uw Rw2 D Fw' F B Uw' R' Rw Uw2 R' D F2 U2 D L2 Uw2 B' F' R2 B D Fw2 D2
    9. D' U' Uw L2 R2 Fw' L Rw2 D Fw2 Uw2 B' U' F Rw Fw' R' F Uw2 D2 L' Fw' U' L R2 Fw' L2 F' U Rw R' Fw2 D2 R Fw' D' R2 B' L' U
    10. R Uw' D2 R2 Fw2 B R2 F' L' R U L' Rw' U B2 L' Fw' R2 U' Rw2 U2 B D R' B' Rw' U2 L2 B F' U2 Uw2 F Uw U L F Uw' Rw' Uw2
    11. Fw2 B' F2 U2 Fw D R' D2 F2 U' D' B' F' Rw2 F R Uw' L2 Rw2 F2 Fw' L2 R Uw B' Rw2 D' Uw2 R L' D U R' Fw D F Fw2 B' R2 Fw'
    12. D2 Uw' U2 Fw2 D U' Rw' R F' Fw' R Fw2 F' B2 L2 F2 U Rw Uw' U' D' Rw L2 R2 Uw2 U' Rw' L Uw D2 Fw2 L' D L' R2 B Rw2 U Uw B

    55b scrambles from http://www.cstimer.net
    1. B' R' Rw Fw2 Uw Fw2 B' R' Rw' U2 Rw' B2 U' F2 R L' Fw2 R2 Rw F Fw2 U Rw' Uw Rw R' Uw2 F' Fw' U' R Fw' F2 U2 B2 F Rw2 L' Fw2 F
    2. Rw Fw' U' Uw Fw2 Rw' L2 Uw' L2 B2 Fw' U2 Fw L2 R' B' D B' Rw' L U2 L2 B U' Uw F Rw2 R2 U' D B Fw2 R' F2 L' R2 B L' Fw R'
    3. Fw' B' Rw2 Fw' L2 Rw' Fw' L' F2 B' D2 Fw R Uw2 L Rw' Uw L' D' R2 B L R Fw Rw' D' R2 L Fw2 F B U B' Uw R2 Fw2 F2 R2 Uw L
    4. Fw' B2 R Uw2 Rw2 L' B2 R' D' L2 R2 B' Uw R' F2 Fw' R B Rw' L U B R Fw2 R B D' Uw' L U2 Uw' B2 D' R Rw U B F' D Fw'
    5. F2 L' Rw2 B Rw' L2 D2 Fw' Rw B2 Fw2 Rw2 U' L2 R' U L U Rw' Uw B' Rw U2 F2 L2 B' U2 Fw' L Fw R2 Uw2 B F2 Rw' Fw' Rw Uw F2 Fw
    6. Fw2 U' R2 D' Fw L U2 Rw' D R' Fw2 D F2 D' R' D2 R' L' Uw2 Fw2 D2 B2 L R' B2 D' Uw' B2 Uw R' Rw' Uw' U B2 U Fw L U2 D2 B
    7. Fw U' Fw' F' Uw' Fw2 B' R L B2 Rw L Fw U B R' U2 Rw2 D' L F Fw2 Uw R' B' D R' Uw U L' F2 Fw' Rw' B2 R B Fw2 F' R2 U'
    8. U L Rw' B2 L2 D F' Rw F D2 B Uw' Rw D2 L' Uw' L' Fw' Rw' Uw2 Rw B2 R Rw2 B' U2 R2 L' D U Uw2 R' U Uw2 B2 Uw' B2 U' Uw2 D
    9. Rw2 L' U Fw2 Uw Fw' F Rw' D Rw F2 B' R2 U R' D B F Fw2 R U B R L' D' Uw Rw' R F2 B' D' L2 Fw2 U Uw' L2 D' U2 B' Rw2
    10. Rw' Fw Uw' D' L Fw' B' D' Uw2 B F L' U L' Fw' Uw' Rw D F' R' L2 B' D' L' U2 Uw2 L2 Fw L F2 U' F Rw2 U L2 U2 Uw2 D2 Fw' U2
    11. B' Uw F2 Rw Fw2 F2 U F' L2 U' D2 Rw' L2 B2 R U2 B R' Fw' L' Uw' L Uw2 Rw Uw B Rw2 Uw D Fw L' R' Fw' Uw' L2 U' F' D' L' Rw2
    12. Uw2 D2 F' D' B2 R2 Fw2 B2 R2 L U Rw2 R L' B Rw' D' R2 F L' R F Rw B2 U B' D' Uw' Rw2 Fw' Rw' B2 R Uw' Fw Rw U2 Rw R2 Fw2

    almost exactly on time this week too (it was only about 1.5 seconds late + server lag).
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  19. Sure, I can do sub-1:10.:)

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