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Discussion in 'Puzzle Building, Modding, & Designing' started by Rcuber123, Nov 12, 2016.

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  1. I'm on my FOURTH bottle of Gorilla Impact Tough! Love that stuff!
  2. Have you considered N38 4x1.5? It's a nice little notch down in power from the N35 4x2.
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  3. qbtronix

    qbtronix Member

    Jun 15, 2013
    I had just ordered 100 N35 3x2s and 100 N35 3x1.5s off ebay. Running the numbers on the K&J site, I think the 3x2s may be possibly be a wee bit weak, but we'll see.

    As a reference, I did the Warrior W with N35s instead of N50s as you had in your video, and this suits me perfectly. I love that cube. Also, thanks for all your videos on Youtube! I've developed my own protocol at this point, but you have so many useful pointers and tricks that I doubt I would have been able to magnetize my first cube without your vids to start me off!
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  4. My n35s came from eBay yesterday, is it ok to put them in my valk
  5. mitja

    mitja Member

    Dec 22, 2015
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    I magnetised my first 4x4 juxin blue stickerless yesterday. I used inner N45 4x1mm for inner slice and N454x1,5mm for the 3x3 part. I believe it turns out amazing. Can hardly wait to do it on my Wuque. It is very hard to get 4mm in the narrow edge place, but can be pushed in and after glueing it holds even better. I can see that inner slice has stronger attraction comparing to outer slice. But I think not too much for me. It is great, because it helps 3x3 part really to be stable, fast and smooth. I have a feeling that, if you try to insert 50% weaker inner magnets to balance the attraction ,you don't get such a nice 3x3 part. Also, it is great that inner slices stay together for H or Z pll. If someone likes to spin single inner slices a lot, then I would reccomend weaker inner magnets. That means: calculate 50% weaker inner magnets.
    After i tried this magnetic 4x4, I understand this new 4x4 records that come from everywhere. The cube feels easy like 3x3.
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  6. I made a Magnetic Valk!!!

    It was a lot easier then I thought.
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  7. Thanks so much!!!
    Initially I used N35s in the Warrior W but found them too weak for my tastes so I pried them all out and actually used N48s. It's interesting how much variance there is in what people prefer from their magnets.

    I ordered some 3mm dia magnets from two Chinese sources over two months ago to use in the middle layer of my 4x4s and they still haven't come in. I'm looking forward to trying them!
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  8. Sure, they should be. I've used N35s in quite a few Valks. It's a great magnet for this cube if you like a noticeable but subtle magnetic feel.
  9. How would I know what feel I like when it's my first mag cube
  10. mitja

    mitja Member

    Dec 22, 2015
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Valk is very fast cube by itself, so if you have gentle turning style, you can use weaker magnets, because it is enough. Like N35 4x2. For a strong turning, you can use stronger magnets, but not too much, ecpecialy for stickerles( thinner) plastic.
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  11. Then you have to start somewhere. I actually prototyped seven Valks on my own until I found that it's the N35 4x2 that works well for a variety of solve types. N38 and 42 for more aggressive solvers.
    To describe it can be hard but it's like each time a face comes into its resting position, you feel a slight "bump". People call it a bump, but really it's like a slight indentation. The slower you move, the more you feel this. As you quicken, this bump goes away. The magnets have the effect of keeping the cube aligned better and often helps to prevent over shooting. But there's never a guarantee of that. Using stronger magnets increases this bump. Often it helps to loosen the tensions on a magcube.
  12. but I find that my valk corner twists occasionally so would loosening the tensions make that happen more even with the magnets
  13. newtonbase

    newtonbase Premium Member

    Jan 4, 2014
    MK, UK
    Magnets reduce twists. Loose tensions increase them. You just need to find the right balance for you but you will have a better cube.
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  14. phreaker

    phreaker Member

    Mar 18, 2016
    I twist the corners on my non-magnetic Valk.

    I think I might have twisted a corner on my magnetic... once? It just doesn't happen for me.
  15. mitja

    mitja Member

    Dec 22, 2015
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    I finished magnetising 4x4 wuque yesterday. Great, just like juxin blue. 4x4 cubes really benefit the most by magnets. It is such a pleasure doing 3x3 stage now. It was much easier to do it. I need a little less than two hours if i don't count the final drying. I did all the glueing like DMCubing suggests, not just on top of the magnets, but also before the placement. 96 magnets work great and I used the same like I described in above post for juxin blue. Found my own system based on 3x3 tutorials from DMCubing( thanks). After i finish inner slice edges with 48 weaker magnets, i treat the same coloured edge pairs as one 3x3 edge. Based on that i do the 3x3 edges and corners. It works without any confusion.

    Now 5x5.
    Any suggestions? I plan to do 96 weak magnets in inner slice( 2 inner slices) ot thredges. After that I will threat full tredges like one 3x3 edge and do 48 stronger magnets for 3x3 stage.
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  16. Absolutely!
  17. T
    I made a quick warrior w m to prove to my dad that mag cubes are good, I should do my valk next but your right n35s are too weak for warrior w
    Thanks dm cubing I used your tutorial

    I also made a boob cube M and honestly it's too weak, I try to make It repel the solved state but it won't go to +2 only thirty degrees off
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  18. IamSpeedcubing

    IamSpeedcubing Member

    Mar 8, 2016
    How would I go about magnetising a 4x4 and a 5x5?
  19. Rubix Cubix

    Rubix Cubix Member

    Jul 24, 2016
    Bath, UK
    Anyone have any suggestions as to what would be good magnets in a weipo 2x2. I've seen some people use 4x2 N35 and some using smaller ones like 3x1.5 N42. I'm leaning towards the weaker ones but not sure.
  20. SolveThatCube

    SolveThatCube Member

    Jan 4, 2014
    That way.
    So my N35 magnets finally arrived and I can't wait to magnetize my Valk!
    But first I want to practice on a different cube so I know what I'm doing. Any suggestions?
    I'm not sure which cube to try it out on, I only have N35s so not the strongest magnet but I'm not looking for a strong pull anyway. What speedcube other than the Valk do you guys suggest for using N35s in?

    Black YueXiao
    Black GTS
    Black AoLong v2
    Black Thunderclap v1
    Stickerless GuHong
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2017

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