[Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

Discussion in 'Hardware Area' started by kprox1994, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Rubix Cubix

    Rubix Cubix Member

    Jul 24, 2016
    Bath, UK
    I used weight 5 on the core and weight 3 on the pieces on mine and it's feels nice and smooth
  2. CubingDaily

    CubingDaily Member

    Jul 13, 2017
  3. DatTheCuber:)

    DatTheCuber:) Member

    Oct 10, 2016
    I used to lube my cores with traxxas 50k the second i got my cube, but cubes like the ChuWen feel really good without lubing the core. Is it necessary?
  4. Personally I have never specifically lubed the core and a lot of the people who have tried my cubes say they are the best they have tried so it might not be necessary.

    With that said, it might be that I either inadvertently lube the core when I overlube or due to Gans octocores not needing it as much or that my cubes could possibly even better if I actually lubed the core.

    Basically probably not, but why not try if you feel like it makes it nicer?
  5. WombatWarrior17

    WombatWarrior17 Member

    Sep 17, 2016
    With some cubes it can help, but just experiment and see what you like.
  6. Zerksies

    Zerksies Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    New Jersey
    It's better to use a cube without lube. Lube is supposed aid the cube in speeding it up or slowing it down if it's not right from the get go.
  7. Malkom

    Malkom Member

    May 22, 2016
  8. DhruvA

    DhruvA Member

    Dec 23, 2016
    D Cuber
    I don't lube the core because it doesn't make a lot of difference.
    Some cubes do have some spring noise out of the box and that's the only time I would lube the core.

    Also, the new lubicle black seems to be making a difference in cubes just by putting some in the core.
  9. I recently lubed the core of my stickerless Valk 3. Without any lube on the pieces, the cube seemed to slow down drastically. I don't know what the cause is. Also on the blue side, after every 100 solves, the screw gets loose and I have to tighten it again.
  10. What weight lube did you use on the core?
    anyway, when you took the cube apart, you might have not gotten the tensions correct. Just a possibility.
    Also you might have accidentally put weight 1000 in your cube :p

    Is the cube old or brand new?
    Have you tried switching the yellow and blue screw? See if the problem stays.

    Feels bad. You seem to have gotten a bad cube ;(
  11. its about 4 months old, and broken in, sadly I don't have another main to switch with :(. Is there anyway to exchange it?
  12. Ordway Persyn

    Ordway Persyn Member

    Sep 24, 2014
    Mimal the Elf's boot
    spaz cuber
    The unscrewing is caused by a stripped core, so you have to superglue the screw in, or (preferably) get a new core.
  13. oh, that'll be fun, thanks anyway!
  14. UnspeakableRebel

    UnspeakableRebel Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    Glenview, IL
    P01NT Gaming
    The core should be lubed when these problems occur:
    1. There's spring noise (you can hear the metal/plastic friction).
    2. Your cube is slow (this one's obvious).
    3. Your cube can't corner cut 35+ degrees.

    Good core lubes: Cubicle Silicone Lube weights 3-5, Lubicle Gummy, Traxxas 30k/50k, Silicone Spray, Lubicle Black, Lubicle (standard), DNM-37

    The pieces should be lubed when these problems occur:
    1. Your cube is slow (again, obvious).
    2. Your cube has a very scratchy feeling.
    3. Your cube can't corner cut 35+ degrees.
    4. Your cube doesn't have effortless turning.

    Good piece lubes: Cubicle Silicone Lube weights 1-3, Lubicle Speedy, Lubicle One, Maru Lube, Rubik's lube, Silicone Spray, Lubicle Silk, Vaseline (lol)
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  15. Zerksies

    Zerksies Member

    Jul 6, 2017
    New Jersey
  16. is it atleast decent
  17. NubCuber

    NubCuber Member

    I just got the cube that I ordered online, and I watched videos on how to properly lubricate it and stuff. I saw a couple videos saying that Vaseline/petroleum jelly can eat up your cube and damage it, but I also saw other feedback saying that those work just fine as long as you don't put too much. Now, me being ever so curious, decided to try it out. i took out the top layer of my cube and started rubbing small amounts of petroleum jelly at a time until I was satisfied with how it looked. I put the pieces back together and started testing the turning of the cube. Nothing happened and I guess the substance didn't make my cube turn any faster.

    I decided that it was time to remove the petroleum jelly because of the fear that it might damage my cube. So I took the cube apart, cleaned each piece thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and paper towels, and then put them back together once more. But what I've noticed was that when I tested the turning, it felt kind of soggy? I don't know how to explain it but it kind of feels like that. The turning is crap now. Any advice on how to fix this problem?
  18. clean it with water then use some good cube lube (traxxas 50k,30k,lubicle 1,cubicle Weight 3,lubicle silk etc)
  19. NubCuber

    NubCuber Member

    Does washing it with water damage the stickers or will they be fine? Thanks for the tip btw.

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