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Illinois Area Speedcubing

Discussion in 'Local Cubing Groups' started by Doing Cubing, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Doing Cubing

    Doing Cubing Member

    Jul 13, 2017
    Illinois, USA
    Doing Cubing
    I'm posting this since it's been a bit less than a year since anyone has posted anything for Chicago/Illinois speedcubing.

    Are there any cubers in the Chicago/Illinois area that would be willing to form a group? I noticed that there have always been posts about Chicago area speedcubing, but almost all of them are dead or they never went anywhere. I feel that Chicago is an area with many speedcubers, and creating a post like this can lead to larger events happening in this area for the future. Are there any Chicago/Illinois cubers that would like to form a group?
  2. Chicago is pretty big, and if people are in different areas it would be pretty hard to get together.
    I've been willing to help out a little, if someone else were to front it, but I also don't really see the point.
    I'm on the north side.

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