Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

Discussion in 'Blindsolving Discussion' started by qqwref, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. newtonbase

    newtonbase Premium Member

    Jan 4, 2014
    MK, UK
    Somehow I didn't know about (M' U M U)2 but now I do. Thank you.
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  2. TheCoolMinxer

    TheCoolMinxer Member

    Dec 21, 2014
    Bremen, Germany
    I smell improvement: PB single, good mo3 and avg5. Missed a 42.38 mo3 after the 32 by 2 twisted corners :(

    Generated By csTimer on 2017-10-9
    solves/total: 16/26

    best: 32.52
    worst: 1:09.69

    mean of 3
    current: DNF (σ = 27.44)
    best: 44.95 (σ = 5.63)

    avg of 5
    current: 58.93 (σ = 9.56)
    best: 48.83 (σ = 1.19)

    avg of 12
    current: DNF (σ = 29.92)
    best: DNF (σ = 29.92)

    Average: DNF (σ = 26.41)
    Mean: 50.36

    Time List:
    1. 38.47 D2 B' L2 B L2 B' R2 F' D2 B R2 U B' F' R U2 L' D' L D2 F
    2. 48.61 L' D2 F B' L D2 F' R' L2 U D2 F2 D' B2 R2 D' B2 U' F'
    3. 47.77 U B2 D2 F2 D' L2 U' L2 U' F2 U2 F L2 R' U' R2 B F U2 R2 U
    4. DNF(1:05.08)[bleh] D' L2 D' R2 U' B2 U R2 U F' U F' R' U B' R' D L F
    5. 50.11 L' B2 U2 B2 F2 U2 L U2 R' U2 F2 U F2 U2 B' U B2 L2 F' R' U
    6. 55.02 D2 R2 U2 B R2 B2 L2 B2 F' D F L2 D2 R' F L U B2 D2
    7. DNF(55.94)[3e] R' U' F' U' R2 D L' D' R' D2 B2 U2 L' D2 L2 F2 R' F2 U
    8. 54.19 D2 B2 R2 F' R2 U2 F D2 U2 R2 F' L' B' R' F D' B D U L' B'
    9. DNF(42.44)[3e] F' L2 B' L2 R2 U2 L2 F' D2 F2 U2 R' B2 F' R2 D U R B U L2
    10. DNF(59.81)[4c] L' F' U D2 L D L2 F R L2 F B2 L2 F' D2 R2 D2 B' R2 B
    11. 32.52 F R2 D2 B2 F2 R' B2 L D2 R' F2 L U' B L' D L2 U' B D
    12. DNF(45.77)[2c] U L2 F' R U D2 F2 B L B2 U L2 U R2 U' F2 D' B2 U'
    13. 48.80 D' L B2 D2 L2 D2 F2 L' F2 R' U2 L F U R2 B' R F2 U F D'
    14. 47.36 F' B L' F2 D2 R B' D L2 D2 R B2 L U2 L D2 L' F2 D
    15. 1:03.08 F2 U2 R L2 D F' B' R2 U' L' U' F2 D' F2 R2 D R2 U' L2 U2 F2
    16. DNF(43.16)[2e2c] U2 R2 U' B2 L2 B2 R2 F2 D B2 D2 L' D2 U B F R' B F' D' B
    17. 49.43 U2 B R2 U D2 R' F2 L' U2 L2 F2 B2 U F2 U' L2 D R2 U F
    18. 51.30 B2 L' B2 L B2 D2 R' F2 L U F R B' R' B U L D' L
    19. DNF(47.05)[5e] L2 F' U2 B R2 B2 F' R2 F D' F2 L R U B2 R' U2 R' F
    20. DNF(1:01.63)[3e] F L2 F U2 B2 L2 R2 F' D2 R2 D2 L B R D' U R' B2 F U' F'
    21. DNF(1:03.94)[bleh] L D2 L F B L B U L D' R F2 R' B2 R B2 R B2 L' F2 L
    22. 55.68 D2 F2 L2 B2 U' L2 D' U' L2 U' B2 F' U2 B2 R B D L' F2 U B2
    23. 1:09.69 R U2 F U' B' L' U R2 U' D2 L2 F2 B2 D2 R' D2 R' F2 L2 F2
    24. DNF(43.11)[3e] B2 U' R2 D' R2 U' B2 F2 D R' B' L U R D R2 B R D2
    25. 51.41 R2 F2 U2 B' R2 B2 U2 F' D2 F' R2 U B' L' B2 R' F L D L' R
    26. 42.31 D2 B2 U2 F2 U2 F' D2 F D2 L2 R' D2 F' R2 B L2 F' D' L' F'
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  3. Cale S

    Cale S Member

    Jan 18, 2014
    Iowa, USA
    4BLD 2:27 pb mo3 and 2:35 pb avg5

    2:44.84, 2:03.21, 2:33.89, 3:05.64, 2:28.13

    the 2:33 had 40+ center memo :(
    2:03 is 2nd or 3rd best with 41 memo which I think is pb
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  4. Blindsighted

    Blindsighted Member

    Feb 18, 2017
    32.66 [12] D2 L2 B2 R2 F2 D2 F' L2 R2 B2 L D2 L D F2 D' F2 R' F' Rw
    Pretty nice solve with good memo.
    Low 30s are getting easier. :)
    Trying to push memo helps a lot.
  5. 2:23.178[1:07] 4BLD DNF by 5 wings... forgot to memo a cycle :c

    L2 R2 Uw U2 R Uw F2 Rw' L' F Uw' Rw R' U Fw' B L U D2 F Uw R2 Fw2 Uw U2 B' Uw F' Fw2 Rw' R2 U2 B F R2 Rw2 D' Uw2 Fw F'
    (memoed from z y and yellow on U blue on F)
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  6. I think this may have been meant for the blindfold failures thread :p
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  7. I worked on my comms list a ton and am now over 1/3 of the way done with writing out all of my corners :) after my PBQ comp this weekened I plan on beginning to learn and implement lots of them in solves
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  8. rezaqorbani

    rezaqorbani Member

    Dec 12, 2013
    mean of 3
    best: 51.32

    avg of 5
    best: 1:03.44

    Time List:
    1. DNF(1:12.57) R2 L U R F B R' D2 B2 L U R2 D2 F' R2 L2 B D2 R2 F' Fw Uw'
    2. 42.38 B D2 B' D2 F U2 F L2 F2 R2 B' L B2 L2 R' F' D L' D' F Fw Uw'
    3. 1:04.16 R2 F2 U' L2 B2 L2 U' B2 D R2 F2 R' D R' F' L D R F2 L2 B Fw' Uw
    4. 47.43 D B2 L2 U F2 R2 D2 U L2 D2 R2 F R' U' L U B' U2 F2 U Rw2
    5. 1:18.73 D B2 R2 D2 L2 D2 B2 L2 F2 R U2 F2 D' B2 R' B D2 B2 U L Fw Uw2
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
  9. Finally finished up my list of corner comms :)

    They are pretty bad for the most part but if you're interested then you can check them out here

    Now I just need to learn them all and get used to them
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  10. h2f

    h2f Premium Member

    Oct 10, 2013
    I've missed sub-1 ao5 by DNF in last solve but anyway PB by 3 seconds:
    avg of 5: 1:02.50
    Time List:
    (53.50), 1:03.25, 57.46, 1:06.79, (DNF(56.87))
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  11. If you want I can make comments on some on your comms, just to help you get rid of some of the pretty bad ones :p youll just need to make comments allowed
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  12. I think I fixed that but no promises :p I will fix it when I get computer access for sure
  13. mark49152

    mark49152 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 29, 2012
    @sigalig, do you have a comms list of your own? I'd love to see them.
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  14. newtonbase

    newtonbase Premium Member

    Jan 4, 2014
    MK, UK
    I love this comm.
  15. First sub 1 minute solve 3bld :) 59.00 the following solve was 58.59
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  16. porkynator

    porkynator Member

    Oct 27, 2010
    Belluno, Italy
    My cube desperately needs some lube and the Maru I bought online isn't here yet. So I decided to focus on memo for a while, doing one of those crazy-fast-memo sessions.

    26/50 solves (>50% accuracy is good for this thing).
    7.86 average memo.
    With random orientation and box.

    Not bad!
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  17. Probably my best 3bld solve ever in terms of memo speed/tps/thinkahead: 23.88 on 10/8 :) (for reference, global is like 31-32)

    23.88[10.08] B2 L' R2 U2 R F2 R F2 R2 U2 B2 U' L2 B' R' D L2 B2 D' R' Rw' Uw2

    (Scrambled in my orientation)

    x' y2

    [L : [S', R F' R']]
    [F' : [R U' R', E]]
    [M2, U' L U]
    M U M' U2 M' U' M U2
    [R S' R', F']

    [R : [R D R', U]]
    [R' D' R : [R U2 R', D]]
    [U' : [U', R' D' R]]
    [R U' D' : [R' D R, U']]

    88 moves, 6.38 tps :)
  18. Meneghetti

    Meneghetti Premium Member

    Feb 19, 2013
    Porto Alegre, Brazil
    26.29 avg12 with stackmat+box :)

    And a sub-20 single! First one on cam:
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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  19. CyanSandwich

    CyanSandwich Member

    Oct 4, 2012
    Wellington, New Zealand
    avg of 5: 2:15.64

    Time List:
    1. (2:12.48) L D' Fw2 Uw Rw F' D' L2 Uw L' R Rw2 U2 D' Rw Uw' D Rw2 L' B2 D' R2 F2 Rw2 R2 Fw' Uw' B' Rw U' D' B' Uw2 Rw' F U2 F Fw2 R2 F'
    2. 2:16.85 U' L' Rw2 B2 F' R' Uw2 L2 B' Rw' D B D Fw' R B2 U' Fw Uw2 Rw' L' Uw' Rw2 L' F D2 F Rw Uw' L2 B' Fw D' Rw Uw' Fw2 R Rw2 Fw2 F'
    3. 2:13.39 Fw2 F' U' D' R2 Uw2 D B2 Fw Rw2 U Uw2 Rw2 U' D2 Fw' B2 L R' F' R B' Fw F' Uw' B' U D' Rw' B L2 R' Rw U' D' R2 B U2 F D
    4. (DNF(1:36.75)) L' F2 D2 F2 Fw2 R2 B Uw Fw' L Rw F2 Uw' L' Uw' Fw2 F2 D2 U Uw' Fw B2 U B2 F' D2 U Fw2 Uw Fw U2 Rw' U D Uw L Uw2 F' Uw B'
    5. 2:16.67 L D' Uw2 F' Uw' Rw2 F' Fw2 L' U L Fw' F2 Rw D2 U2 F D2 R F R D Rw Uw Fw2 D2 R2 U2 Fw2 D2 Uw L F U' F2 L2 U2 D2 F2 Fw2

    Super consistent lol. PB by 15 seconds.
    The DNF was forgotten memo.
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