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shadowslice e
Jun 16, 2015
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Hampshire, England

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    1. Happy3690
      Hey was wondering whether you could go over what to do immediately after doing cmll conjugation in more depth(42 method)
    2. gust11
      Hey, there, I'm someone who's learning a variant of SSC. I believe I'm learning the ECE variant. However, I'm not sure which algset is better, for EP should I be doing EZD (which I would assume is the pure form of ECE-EZD) or should I be doing EPBL (which would not be ECE-EZD but instead just ECE?)
      Thank you
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      2. gust11
        Okay my bad, I have one last question. I've noticed that the EPBL algs don't all start from the same position. Like one bottom Z perm alg has the adjacent swap to the front and right while another one has the swap to the front and left. Is there a way to determine the positioning of the cycles or do I just have to memorize?
        Feb 10, 2017
      3. shadowslice e
        shadowslice e
        It's just memorising like memorising AUFS for OLL/PLL
        Feb 10, 2017
      4. gust11
        Ok, thanks
        Feb 10, 2017
    3. JTay
      Hi, is it possible you could post an example solve or two with each of your M-CELL variants? If you can start them with ZZ, that would be even better. Thank you!
    4. SBTvCubing
      Thanks for the advice!
    5. JimCube
      Have you ever given lessons to anyone? Would you?
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      2. JimCube
        Hahaha i can find anyone. jk. Challenge accepted
        Jun 18, 2016
      3. JimCube
        I know your name, but thats not much of a lead. Im running a search now though.
        Jun 18, 2016
      4. 1001010101001
        You can find his name on speedsolving wiki
        Apr 30, 2018
    6. JTWong71
      Hi Shadowslice, I was wondering which one of your methods do you think has the greatest potential to beat CFOP.
      1. shadowslice e
        shadowslice e
        The way I see it, if anything, at best, M-CELL can equal (maybe slightly improve), Briggs/B2 maybe not unless some CP breakthrough is made (it was mostly experimental).

        Thus, I think SSC has the best shot if a good "second phase human kociemba" can be developed.
        May 14, 2016
      2. JTWong71
        Thanks, I am thinking of trying out SSC/ECE.
        May 14, 2016
    7. JTWong71
      I have an Example Solve that is very similar to Briggs2.
      The difference was that I preserved EO when it was already solved.

      Scramble: F2 U' F2 D2 U L2 U2 F2 U' L2 F' U2 R B2 L' D2 B' D2 U2 B2
      y' //Inspection
      L2 F' //1x2x2 Block
      r' U B2 U2 x' //Finish First Block + Corner Permutation
      U R' U r U2 R2 U' R U2 r //1x2x2 + Setup
      R U2 R U R' U R U' R2 U R U' R U' R' U R' //BLS + L/R Edges
      M2 //L4E
      34 STM
      1. shadowslice e
        shadowslice e
        That looks like a very nice solve :)
        Btw, did you recognise CP at the start of the solve or did that just work out to happen?
        May 8, 2016
      2. JTWong71
        The description of Solving CP in Briggs2 is a little confusing to me.
        May 8, 2016
    8. Shiv3r
      Does anyone have any example solves of either Briggs or B2
    9. Godmil
    10. shadowslice e
      shadowslice e
      This is how I described SLS when I originally came up with the concept

      "Basically, orient the 5 remaining corners (outside of their layers) while inserting the remaining e-slice piece- from algs I've generated, it is a lower move count than WV but has twice as many cases (although selection of cases is much easier to control so it may only be necessary to learn a handful of cases and some set up moves)"

      However, the actual number needed turned out to be 23 although there were still many cases to filter through.

      Recently, i have added a subset to SLS called SLS-M (misoriented) which is to be used with PCMS or a variant of my method called SSC-M (the original method and step are now SSC-O and SLS-O as they dealt with cases where all the edges were oriented). SSC-M, on the other hand, does not have to have the edges oriented.

      For example algs of SLS-O see the first post in the thread (it's in the spoiler under SLS). There is also a full description in the thread as well.
    11. JoshFarrell
      Hi I would be happy to help can I have a tad more information though maybe an some examples and stuff?
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  • About

    Hampshire, England
    3x3 Method:
    First solved a cube 15 months ago,
    Pushing times down for 9 month
    Main method- Roux
    UWR for greatest deviation? (Ao50- 29.4, PB-15.6)
    One day I'll hold the record for most cubes solved underwater
    Sub-10. Current pb: 5.96
    Method I have posted
    OH petrus/ZZ

    mega tripod+ "new" order s2l
    SSC-M/ discovering Roux
    first post, SSE, Shadowslice-Meyer
    minitripod, big block corners, megazz, big cube petrus 4x4x4->2x2x2 (skeleton cage)

    C4, 4x4x4 orient first, petrusish with OLL LS


    Also, M-CELL and the Briggs method plus some minor work on Roux edge control

    Swimming, cubing, music, maths, physics, chemistry. Classic asian really


    I tried to add links to all the methods I proposed but it wouldn't fit in my sig..
    Important ones: SSC M-CELL Briggs B2 42/B3|Forum Index (work in progress)|What generation are you?|Want to make your own method?|My wiki work and a mini-bio|Always turn on captions|SSC walkthrough|Method development strategies|Stuff