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Apr 27, 2017
Dec 18, 2007
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Member, from a <script> tag near you

qqwref was last seen:
Apr 27, 2017
    1. Thecuber1
      Do you have the uwr for 7x7?
    2. emolover
      What is your master kilominx parity alg? Comming it would be a pain. Also, do you have qminx in mf8 color scheme?
    3. JonnyWhoopes
      I was about to purchase a song on FFR when I noticed you wrote the stepfile. Are you still an active member in the community?
    4. JianhanC
      Yes it does! Thanks qq <3 Yes I'm using IE. But then when I enter times via the spacebar, the times do not appear in the box on the right and no indication of an average is recorded, I have to mess with the options at the bottom that lets you choose to use average of 50 and to use mean of 3, then the averages will update. For example, I have 3 times. Then I hit the spacebar to record another 3 'solves'. The stats box remains unchanged, until I click either 'using average of 50' or 'using mo3', then the stats box will update itself to 6/6 solves. I hope this is clear enough for you.
    5. JianhanC
      Hey qq, I've posted this in the OAQ Thread a couple of times but no one answered so here goes: I can't start your new qqtimer with the spacebar. Everything else, the customisation, the scramble length, colours work except for the spacebar. Can you please help me out? It's the same issue with my dad's computer. And when I go to the page, a popup box will ask me if I want to continue running the script.
    6. JonnyWhoopes
      I lie. I posted that last one before I checked again. It's fixed?
    7. JonnyWhoopes
      Yeah, after the first fix didn't solve the problem, I figured it would be unfixable (as far as we know). Hah, I'll cope. Time to go dig up Jfly hahah.
    8. JonnyWhoopes
      Nope, it's still messed up. Any qcube program seems to have the same problem. I thought it might have something to do with my keyboard, but I'm only using the default bindings which I haven't had problems with in the past...

      I can't imagine what else the problem could be. 0_0
    9. JonnyWhoopes
      qcube seems to be messed up for me. I'm using Chrome 16.0.912.75. Mac OSX 10.6

      The problem is that I can only make 180deg turns. The space bar mixes normally, which makes the cube unsolveable.
    10. vcuber13
      qcube doesnt work for me with ff 9.0
    11. JonnyWhoopes
      How hard would it be to develop a BLD solving program? I'm aware of the other one in existence, but I prefer the qcube. If it's too much work, don't bother.

      By the way, thanks for all the sims! I love using them.
    12. JonnyWhoopes
      How hard would it be to develop a BLD solving program? I'm aware of the other one in existence, but I prefer the qcube. If it's too much work, don't bother.

      By the way, thanks for all the sims! I love using them.
    13. JonnyWhoopes
    14. JLarsen
      Good to be back. I never thought I would to be honest. I had like my cubes and all my logs of stuff tucked away to...idk. Show my kids in like a decade or two or something. God knows.
    15. JLarsen
    16. EricReese
      hey i can't seem to find your program for computer cubes. I found jfly but am unable to change which cube i would like to use, could you give me a hand?
    17. clincr
      It even changes the times you enter!
    18. clincr
      Am I the first person to spot it? I believe qqtimer is running about 1/6 faster than usual...
    19. oyyq99999
      Sorry but I have a question, will the WCA SQ1 scrambler generate a (x, 6) move after 2nd twist?
    20. Frapdeizer
      Hey Michael!
      How are you nowadays, because I heard you don't care of phisycal speedcubing :D.
      Anyway I got a task for you, can you make Megaminx LL or last slot and LL scrambler (or maybe random pll scrambler but i think this would be hard as hell). I need it because I've started learning all Pll's (153 or something like that) and that would be great to practice it.
      Thank's for everything
      Michal Halczuk
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    a <script> tag near you


    Computer cube PB averages of 12: [Clock: 4.79] [Pyraminx: 3.33] [Megaminx: 49.52]
    [2x2: 2.66] [3x3: 8.24] [4x4: 29.06] [5x5: 52.69] [6x6: 1:34.78] [7x7: 2:15.63]