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Dnomsed Gnik
Last Activity:
Jul 15, 2017
Dec 9, 2016
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Dnomsed Gnik


Dnomsed Gnik was last seen:
Jul 15, 2017
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    3x3 Method:
    Currently, I use CFOP with 3 Look LL (2-Look OLL + PLL))
    Sub-20 3x3x3 solver.
    3x3x3 1/5/12/50/100: 6.93, 18.38, 19.36, 24.85, 25.34
    3x3x3 mo3: 14.94
    3x3x3 OH 1/5/12: 40.79, 50.40, 52.39
    3x3x3 BLD 1: DNF
    6.93 PB Reconstruction (My first sub 10 and my first reconstruction):
    L2 R2 D R2 U R2 D2 R2 B2 U B' U2 L D B' D L' F' R' U' (This is a legit scramble I got on Chao Timer)
    Inspection: z'
    2x2x2 block: E' R y x' U r U r2
    Finish up cross + 2nd F2L pair: z' y2 U F R' F' R U R' F2
    3rd F2L pair: L' U L
    4th F2L pair: y U2 R U2 R' U2 R U R'
    OLL (+PLL): l' U' L U' L' U2 l (U)
    Movecount (HTM): 33