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New Profile Posts

  1. cubeshepherd
    cubeshepherd Vinicius
    Welcome @Vinicius to SpeedSolving.com. It is great to have you here.
  2. cubeshepherd
    cubeshepherd Speedy Scott
    Welcome @Speedy Scott to the forums. What events do you like to do?
  3. cubeshepherd
    cubeshepherd Horia
    Hey Horia. Welcome to the SS forums.
  4. cubeshepherd
    cubeshepherd MohanEzio
    Welcome Mohan to the forums. Nice to have you here.
  5. cubeshepherd
    cubeshepherd Pistu Hilsunakjawa
    Welcome to the forums Pistu.
  6. MCuber
    Waiting for cubes
  7. Kalius
    PB: 17.54s (AVG =~25) Working on Sub 20!
  8. LightFlame_
  9. LightFlame_
  10. Happy3690
    Happy3690 shadowslice e
    Hey was wondering whether you could go over what to do immediately after doing cmll conjugation in more depth(42 method)
  11. Reed McCrary
    Reed McCrary
    What does sub x mean
  12. tolgakantarci
  13. Wither Cubing
    Wither Cubing DGCubes
    Should I get a Gans 356 Air SM to replace my MoYu Weilong GTS2M or is it not worth the upgrade?
    1. picklewizard21
      yah it is. You have to have a very stable turning style though.
      Jun 12, 2018
      Wither Cubing likes this.
  14. Wither Cubing
  15. Cubified
    Still can't do a Ja perm
  16. Cubified
  17. Dylan Swarts
    Dylan Swarts
    I want to attempt 11BLD but still no 4BLD success.
  18. DogeTripwire
  19. herbs1685
    herbs1685 radmin
    I'd pay $25 + shipping for your black A5
  20. herbs1685
    herbs1685 Megaminxer
    If you have a black Alpha 5, I'll pay $20 + shipping for it?