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  1. tnk351
  2. Kameron
    Hello, I am currently sub 20 on 3x3. my main speed cube is the Qiyi Valk 3. My youtube is KMCubed currently with 24 subs.
  3. tnk351
  4. Kameron
    Hello, I’m sub 20 on 3x3. I have been cubing for 5 ish months and hope to be sub 15 by June. My yt is KMCuber with 24 subs. Thanks!
  5. HuynhK
    Hey! Just learned F2L, cube-lubing, tensioning, and modding. Main: Z-Magnetic 3x3. Lube: Hand Sanitizer, Petroleum Jelly, and Water.
  6. HuynhK
  7. Abid
  8. Mr.Roux86
    I use the Roux method. I average 16s
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  9. JustAnotherGenericCuber
    Why are people following me ;-;
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  10. Hussain Khuraibet
    Hussain Khuraibet
    Sub-21 CFOP Learning Full OLL and PLL
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  11. abcs9
    currently 4x4ing dnd
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  12. Alfie
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  13. Rexxtor
  14. starcuber
    Im alive....
  15. aaron_w
  16. AMCuber1618
    I am actually a baby squig.
  17. AMCuber1618
    I am actually a baby squig
  18. Mingler_65071
  19. Neil Johnson
  20. AMCuber1618
    I am a actually a baby squig.