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  1. Marvin Christian
  2. Marvin Christian
  3. Dorkk
    Can I shrug without pictures?
  4. SuperCuberYT
    Hey guys im 13, im a cuber, and youtuber
  5. Colton
  6. SpamSandwitchCubing90
  7. SpamSandwitchCubing90
  8. SpamSandwitchCubing90
    SpamSandwitchCubing90 pjk
    Thanks for saying welcome to! I appreciate it! :)
  9. James Hake
  10. MatthewDevenish
    Aiming for sub-35 single on 3x3.
  11. pyraboi22
    new pyraminx pb is 13.52 seconds.
  12. BECubed
    Averaging around 13 sec. | BECubed | Full CFOP with half of COLL | PB is 7.64
  13. CarterK
    CarterK Tyler Robinson
    You're the guy who's bad at skewb right?
  14. CarterK
  15. pyraboi22
    going to start an o.h. pyraminx solve. wish me luck!
  16. cubing4nz
    cubing4nz OH Skewb God
    bet that you are not sub-5.19 sec (sub Fabio Schwandt)
  17. Rafael Paulino
    Rafael Paulino
    How do you get the angles of a nonagon? Easy, just use a protractor .
  18. Trovaa
    <--- garbage
  19. Dutchcuber86
    Beginning and learning 3x3
  20. Piotr Grochowski
    Piotr Grochowski Ordway Persyn
    "Adjacent PLL parity is my worst enemy." - in signature
    R2 D' x (do parity) F R2