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  1. minhngkh
  2. DGCubes
    My friend Kyle has one of those.
  3. Biberce
    One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching!
  4. Carlo.Diyan_109
  5. 2180161
    New main! Aolong GT
    Hyped for the Weilong GTS 2!
  7. Zhiyuan Liu
    Zhiyuan Liu
    Average:16-17 Personal best:11.90
  8. Zhiyuan Liu
  9. jihu1011
  10. teboecubes
    2x2: Sub-7 3x3: Sub-25 4x4: Sub-2:00 Pyra: Sub-10 Skewb: Sub-15 PLL: 21/21 OLL: 38/57
  11. Anshari
    Next feliks
  12. 2180161
    Just got a nice 12 second single with Petrus!
  13. #CubingForPeace
    #CubingForPeace Faz
    Hi feliks,I became a member of your CubeSkills!!
  14. #CubingForPeace
    //I solve for world peace//
  15. #CubingForPeace
    Hey! I'm here!
  16. angela He
    angela He Gollum999
    I want make friend with you,can i add you on facebook.
  17. angela He
    angela He kprox1994
    I want make friends with you,can i add you on facebook.
  18. abunickabhi
    abunickabhi 5BLD
    Come back to speedcubing and teach us how to solve roux efficiently
  19. Mattheo DW
    Mattheo DW
    Skoobing 24/7
  20. Z-caliber
    I suck at cubing